Froggie Fraud

There are some photos making the rounds at the moment that purport to show a group of 5 frogs [from different ‘families’?] hitching a ride on a small crocodile.

I simply could not imagine a croc standing still for such treatment, so I looked at the photos a little more closely. This is what I found:

Photo 1


This photo shows the frogs starting to climb up onto the croc’s back. Take a good look at the position of the leg circled in red. See how it’s tucked in, under the body? Now have a look at this:

Photo 3


Same frog, with its front left leg in exactly the same position – tucked in. Now what are the chances of a real, live frog moving from one spot to the next but remaining in the exact same position?

The clincher though, came when I was sent the URL of the originator of the photos: a design company called Design You Trust.

-grin- Design You Trust specialise in creating realistic looking images from…props. You can check out their website here:

Sherlock Holmes signing out. 🙂

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