Good Art is … a deadly beauty

As someone interested in biology, I find these amazing pictures of disease causing microbes absolutely fascinating. It’s a great post and I recommend it to anyone with a curious mind!

Chas Spain

Lyme Disease BorrelliaBorrelia burgdorferi – a spirochete transmitted to Humans via ticks, produces Lyme Disease

Can we regard those things which cause pain and suffering as beautiful?

Some of the beasties represented here have been too closely associated with my family for comfort over the years but the enhanced imagery by medical illustrators makes these deadly harbingers of disease fascinating rather than frightening.

My daughter was diagnosed with the fairy floss like Borrelia burgdorferi after a trip to Germany last year and had to undergo some serious chemo to remove it after oral antibiotics didn’t work.

She did get asked to go on the science show, Catalyst, recently which was a positive experience.  Luckily she is now looking so much better, but other people with Lyme-like symptoms in Australia often don’t fare so well.

The official line in Australia is that the species of spirochete (the group of bacteria) which cause Lyme disease isn’t found here so those people who…

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