#SFX, cars and ‘The Blackbird’

I’m not a petrol head, but I do like cars so I could not resist a Gizmag article about how cars are filmed for commercials and movies. This is the ‘Blackbird’ and it is the most amazing car you will never see.

Gotta love CGI [computer generated imagery]. 🙂

Happy weekend,


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4 responses to “#SFX, cars and ‘The Blackbird’

  • chrisjames282

    Ye gads, I’ll never be able to watch a car chase sequence in a movie again without feeling I’m being conned and I’m just watching a load of digital codswallop!!! 🙂


    • acflory

      lmao – if it’s too good to be true…. 😉 But you must admit the Blackbird is pretty amazing in its own right. I can’t even imagine how they came up with the technology to allow it to change size etc.


  • Candy Korman

    I can envision some pretty cool driving sequences in movies. Of course they are pitching the marketing of cars—not artful film making…


    • acflory

      -grin- I can think of a couple of commercials that straddle that boundary. But apparently the Blackbird is used in movies as well. I should look up to see if it was used in Mad Max Fury Road…hmmm….


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