Is it really Christians who are under attack? The story of a prolonged aggression.

A ‘short’ history of discrimination against LGBT people since just 1977. I’m shocked, truly shocked.

My Mazamet

This isn’t a post I expect anyone to read from beginning to end. It’s more than anything else, an exercise, an illustration.

In 2005 the SPLC published a timeline of the history of the anti-gay movement in America. Using that as a basis I’ve created an alternate, more detailed, international and up to date version spanning from 1977 to 2016. As I was born in 1978 it more or less covers my life. I’ve done this to try to give people who aren’t LGB or T an idea of what we’re confronted with in life. Just scroll, browse through it, see if anything catches your eye. Maybe go to a year that was important to you for one reason or another. By the time you get to the bottom ask yourself who’s really the aggressor in this “culture war” and who fabricated it?

See original image Bryant posing in front of posters that say…

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4 responses to “Is it really Christians who are under attack? The story of a prolonged aggression.

  • J.P. Lane

    I’m a Christian. As a Christian, I find it appalling that the Christian religion has embarked on a campaign of discrimination almost from the get go. Judging the personal choices of other people goes against the teachings of the Christ who in defense of a woman accused of adultery said, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”


    • acflory

      That is my favourite parable! That and the parable of the Good Samaritan. I was raised a Catholic, chose to become an atheist, but like to think that I’ve lived by the principles of those early Christians. Like you, I’m horrified that those principles can be twisted out of all recognition in the name of Christianity.
      You sound as if you are actually committed to your beliefs and as such, you have my complete respect. You are welcome here any time. -hugs-


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