AMAZING message for everyone #noelsansprejuges

I think the message of this French advertisement comes through loud and clear – like a mime – but just in case it doesn’t, the kids are talking about the kinds of toys they like or feel they /should/ like. Then they’re allowed loose in a room stuffed with toys and told to play with whatever they feel like playing with.

The result is that girls play with ‘machinery’ type toys and boys play with stereotypically girls toys. And the advert says that Shop U has created a catalogue without bias to make the world a better place.

I don’t know how much of this is manipulated for the cameras, but I love the idea behind it anyway. Enjoy. 😀

My Mazamet

This just came up on television. I’m thoroughly impressed. I could hardly believe it. Vive la France! Even if you don’t understand French, watch it anyway. The message is clear.

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4 responses to “AMAZING message for everyone #noelsansprejuges

  • davidprosser

    Time to stop stereotyping our kids. They’re individuals with individual tastes. My son in law would be horrified to see his son wearing pink and playing with ‘girls’ toys.He enrolled my grandson in a Football Academy before he was 2 ( despite being warned of the result) and was disappointed he didn’t take to it. Who would at that age, you want play not competition.
    Being hidebound because some say ‘Gays’ wear pink just perpetuates the anti-gay bias in the world.
    Allow kids to be kids and play where they derive pleasure.


  • Candy Korman

    I recently read an article that said children’s toys in the U.S. have become MORE divided by sex then they were twenty years ago. I was surprised. And yet… it seems that more girls get some kind of encouragement to explore “boy” toys, but the same can’t be said of boys. We’ll be a different world when that change happens.


    • acflory

      There’s still a lot of resistance amongst parents too so I don’t think true equality will happen in my lifetime. But when I see things like this I start to believe it really will happen…eventually. 🙂


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