Aussie rock, then and then

A few posts back, I went down memory lane with John Farnham and The Voice. Today I give you Iva Davies and Icehouse in Great Southern Land!

[My thanks to David Prosser for reminding me that Australia really has produced some great rock bands].

Once started, of course, I couldn’t stop. Here are some more of my favourites, starting with a very young Jimmy Barnes fronting Cold Chisel and singing ‘Cheap Wine’.

Next up is Solid Rock by Goanna. Not the best voice but I love the song.

And then the classic of classics – Down Under by Men at Work. This song won us the America’s Cup, forget about incidental things like yachts and sails and things. ๐Ÿ˜€

In stark contrast to the tongue-in-cheek lyrics of Down Under is Treaty, by Yothu Yindi.ย  Listen to the lyrics and you realise this is an anthem for justice. Sadly we’re not there yet.

This next song is pure nostalgia. I was 18 or 19 when I saw Eagle Rock performed live outside the Union Building of Melbourne Uni. And yes, we all wore teeny, tiny hot pants with boots. ๐Ÿ˜€

Then there’s this, a song written by Bruce Woodley of The Seekers and Dobe Newton of The Bushwackers, sung by Lo-tel, produced as an advert for Telstra and featuring us.:D

This post has meandered from straight rock to something approaching patriotism so I’m going to end with a promotional video for the Barossa Valley in South Australia. The campaign is called ‘Barossa. Be Consumed’, and it features some of the most sensuous scenes of Australia I’ve ever seen. Oh and the song ‘Red Right Hand’ by Nick Cave is wonderful too.




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