John Farnham and The Voice

I wasn’t going to do a post today, but when I saw this video clip on David Prosser’s blog I couldn’t resist sharing it:

For those who have never heard of John Farnham, you can find his Wiki entry here:

This particular song is from the album Whispering Jack and catapulted Farnham to the top of the charts for something like half a year. I bought it. Everyone I know bought it, and we listened to it until we knew all the tracks by heart. Why? Because it was and is an incredible song. But there was more to it than that. The Voice said something about what we believed in and who we were as a nation.

Things seem to have gone downhill since then as we now ‘sit in silence’ and watch our duly elected government ignore compassion, justice and the hope of the future in favour of…?

To be honest I have no idea what the Abbott government is in favour of. Before the election the buzz words were looking after ‘Australian families’ and ‘balancing the budget’ but they don’t seem to have done either of those things. Instead, they have managed to trash our reputation internationally while drumming up hysteria and hate towards just about every segment of our society. Oh and the economy? That’s going downhill as well.

-cough- Apologies. The Voice reminded me of who we used to be. The contrast with today is not pleasant. Now we seem to be afraid of everything – afraid of ‘boat people’, afraid of Muslims, afraid of gays, the list goes on and on.

We would do well to remember Frank Herbert’s Litany Against Fear :

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

I hope we aussies become that nation of fair-minded, egalitarian, anti-authoritarian, big-hearted, larrikins again. One day.



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8 responses to “John Farnham and The Voice

  • EllaDee

    We’ve got it so good NIMBYism abounds… we’ve forgotten the blood, sweat, tears and battles that got us here.


    • acflory

      Yup. I don’t wish hard times on anyone but sometimes you don’t know what you are capable of until adversity strikes. Human beings are surprisingly resilient when they have to be. And finding that resilience in yourself can lead to real peace of mind.


  • davidprosser

    I’m delighted to have been the cause of post from you.
    If this song is inspirational in making us think of who we are as a nation and was obviously written at a better time, then I just hope we haven’t gone too far to reverse and give people something t be proud of again.
    Like you and the Abbot Government, I’m pretty sure the Cameron Government hasn’t done much to protect the people so far. In fact, while telling people they are trying to change benefits for the better, they have hit some of the most vulnerable people quite badly. They don’t seem to care.
    This week they have been shamed into taking more refugees. I applaud this, but it should have been done by choice and willingly.Having said that, while Europe is shaming us into taking more, maybe they should help out financially since so much of our money goes there to be wasted. Since individual people seem to have a conscience, what has happened to the collective one of the country?
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • acflory

      -hugs- I wish I had an answer to that question, David. Perhaps the collective conscience comes and goes in cycles. At least I hope so b ecause then it has a chance of coming back, for all of us.


  • cobourgcobbie

    The conservative media here in Canada hold Australia up as a beacon of hope for the very fear-mongering of which you so correctly speak. We are currently holding an election in Canada; hopefully, we can vote out our current Prime Minister and attempt to restore our image on the world’s stage, too. Thanks for your post.


    • acflory

      -sigh- I remember how delighted Tony Abbott was with your Prime Minister. What soul mates they seemed to be. 😦 Good luck in the coming election. Perhaps if Canada can manage a better government we’ll have a chance too. Can’t come soon enough.
      Oh and welcome 🙂


  • anne54

    Oh, so well said Meeks! Herbert’s litany is perfect. Thank you.


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