Katy Faust in Australia, 2015

Firstly a very quick bio:

Katy Faust is the daughter of a lesbian couple and the owner of a website called ‘askthebigot.com’. When asked, she says she is against gay marriage because of the effect it would have on the children of such marriages. She is currently in Australia thanks to the ABC.

If you saw the Tony Jones’ interview with Katy Faust recently, you might remember the bit where he asks her why she ‘came out’ [originally, ‘askthebigot.com’ was anonymous]. Apparently the reason was because a gay blogger had discovered her identity and ‘outed’ her.

I have reblogged the post from that gay blogger in its entirety:

My Sincere Apologies to the People of Australia for Inflicting Katy Faust Upon You



It’s not every day that one gets blamed on national television for subjecting an entire country to veiled bigotry. Apparently the reason Mrs. Faust got on an aeroplane and flew to the other end of the world to continue promoting bigotry was that I outed her identity (not that she makes money off of it.) Otherwise, of course, she’d only be promoting bigotry from the privacy of her Seattle home, her husband’s church or the nearest Starbucks.

There are a few things the people of Australia should be asking themselves about her, the first of which is who paid her airfare? Despite Katy’s softly-softly approach where she pretends to be a sweet and slightly naive housewife, her business project has always been to use homophobia for profit. You have to keep in mind that people don’t buy a domain name called Askthebigot.com, engage an editor and write clickbait articles because they’ve got a bit of free time between dropping the children off at school and marinating chicken for lunch.

Faust is actually an astute businesswoman. According to the bio she gave epicquestmedia she studied Asian Studies and Political Science at St. Olaf College and received a Fulbright to study in Taiwan. That belies the notion that she would be capable of making such simplistic and illogical statements unless there’s something more to the story.

The fraud Mrs. Faust is promoting in Australia today is one where she conflates the issues of gay marriage and gay parenting in a rather absurd manner. Mrs. Faust herself was born to a lesbian mother long before the lgbt community considered marriage would ever become a legal possibility.

The vast majority of gay parents are in fact unmarried lesbians with children from previous heterosexual relationships, children just like Katy Faust herself . The link is to a Spanish study, but the figures seem to reflect those in other countries as well. Same-sex marriage legislation has been approved in various countries including Spain, Holland and Belgium, and there has been no significant rise in the number of lgbt families with children.

That means the existence of these families is entirely independent to their legal status as families. So Faust’s argument is dead in the water.

Where gay marriage is relevant to the children of members of the LGBT community is simply that they would afford those pre-existing families a number of rights and protections, including financial/legal protections in the case of separation and divorce. Access to the children, visitation, child-support and so forth.

hatepieSo if her propositions don’t actually protect children, the inexistence of gay marriage certainly didn’t affect her own childhood story– then we’re back to the money angle. Homophobia is big business in America.  In 2010 NOM raised US$9,197,742. In the first year of its creation NOM paid its leaders, Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher, 14% of its budget. Now NOM pays Brown a salary of over $150,000 per year, and all he has to do is hate gay people and promote anti-gay propaganda. Fabulous job! Faust and her cohorts, Rivka Edelman, Robert Oscar Lopez, Janna Anderson and others want a piece of that ugly-hate-pie.

Little by little they’ve been raising their public profiles. Faust with her website, Lopez with amateur videos, Darnelle-Anderson with articlesand all of them together with a number of amicus briefs. They’ve realized filing briefs with various courts creates the false impression of legitimacy and seriousness. In fact the ink was still wet on Mrs. Faust’s brief and her pastor husband was already calling her an expert on the issue:

“My wife is an expert on this. I know what the Bible says, but from a logic / experience standpoint she is the expert. She has written an “amicus brief” for the upcoming Supreme Court Case on gay marriage next week.”

Let me just clarify that “An amicus curiae (literally, friend of the court; plural, amici curiae) is someone who is not a party to a case and offers information that bears on the case, but who has not been solicited by any of the parties to assist a court.”

If you dislike the colour purple you can submit an amicus brief in any case where the colour purple is the subject of the suit. Maybe purple stole your candy, maybe purple dumped you. You could even be colour-blind, it doesn’t matter. Your argument doesn’t have to have any merit whatsoever, you just need to have an opinion/experience related to the suit. If Faust is an expert on something, it’s in promoting and endorsing vile stereotypes that have long been dismissed by mainstream science and civilized society at large.

Hopefully Australia and its people will see through the scam. Hopefully you will join Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States and Uruguay in saying no to bigotry and saying no to Faust and the anti-gay-for-pay crowd.

And just in case it was not blindingly obvious, I agree with every word. I can only hope that the ABC embraced Ms Faust in the hope of stirring up a nice little controversy, not in ignorance.



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14 responses to “Katy Faust in Australia, 2015

  • Mr. Merveilleux

    I know you’re not a fan of heavy handed- but I’ve really had it with the Katy Faust team. I’m really not going to be gentle if they use my blog as a way to find people to try to contaminate them with their garbage.
    Not that I think there’s any risk here, I just want them to be aware my patience has run out- and there will be consequences.


    • acflory

      It’s okay. 🙂 Dad’s been gone for over five years now and it’s nice to suddenly remember him so vividly. It’s also nice to reminded that love knows no boundaries. But to get love you have to give love. It’s not a one way street. -hugs-


  • Brandi Walton

    What is your response to children who were raised by gays and say things like “I deserved a mom, or I wanted a dad.” “I wish I hadn’t been created just because two lesbians wanted a kid. It’s not fair I don’t know my other biological parent.”

    I ask this sincerely.



    • Mr. Merveilleux

      No, you don’t ask this sincerely. You ask because you’re a Christian Evangelical who was recruited by Katy Faust to push the NOM anti-gay agenda. There’s nothing sincere in that.
      Furthermore, unless you’re pathologically egocentric, you should know that life is much more complex than the gender of someone’s parents. Just ask the Duggar children if they were born because their heterosexual parents wanted to make more money off of a reality show.
      That’s better, right? That’s not selfish at all. Every day when a heterosexual parent abandons their children, beats their children, or even molests their children- that’s all well and good. You should be ashamed of yourself.


      • Brandi Walton

        Are you serious? That might possibly be the most hilarious thing that has been said to me since I came forward in April. Recruited? Do you think everything is one big conspiracy? I wasn’t recruited by anyone. Crap! I didn’t even know another COG before April. But I know how this works. You have to say and think stuff like that to make yourself feel better and make people like myself feel bad. YOU are the one who should be ashamed of yourself. If you think anyone would do what we are doing for MONEY you are the stupidest person alive.

        And as usual, you resort to comparing things that aren’t comparable. Not unexpected from your corner of the ring. That’s all you’ve got. We get it.


  • EllaDee

    Nice share Meeks. I think [much of, and just enough] of Australia knows better than Katy Faust and the debacle [just enough of] the ABC [‘s Q&A]has become, oh and the Prime Minister nobody voted for.


  • davidprosser

    Very few people seeing Katy Faust will not know what she’s really like.There’s no message from God to promote her stance, just from Mammon.The trouble is there will be those willing to jump on her hate filled bandwagon believing they’re doing good but will just be putting money in her pocket and filling seats in a church that should be ashamed to call itself Christian.
    How easily religion can grip the thoughts of some and not allow them to think for themselves.
    Australia should thank you.
    xx Huge Hugs xxx


  • Mr. Merveilleux

    You’ve got a home south of Perigueux forevermore 😉


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