Should Australians demand a new flag?

australian flags

The flag at the top is the current flag which ties Australia to Great Britain. I don’t like that. I also don’t like the aesthetic. It is not distinctive, but it is ugly.

By contrast, the second flag is the current Aboriginal flag and the one I would like to represent us to the rest of the world. It shrieks ‘the sunburnt country’ and the past we share with the First Australians. No one looking at that flag could mistake it for anything but the Australian flag. And it is beautiful.

We Australians did not have the courage to own Waltzing Matilda as our National Anthem; I hope that sometime in the near future we will have the courage to own our shared heritage by adopting the Aboriginal flag. I think that would be a better sign of respect than a handful of dry words in the constitution.

Am I alone in this?


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21 responses to “Should Australians demand a new flag?

  • Joker Swank

    I’d say replace the union jack with the aboriginal flag instead

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  • josh

    I was reminded of both the Japanese and German flags when I saw the Aboriginal flag (this is the first time I’ve seen it). In fact, it’s like those two got together and had a child!

    Personally I’m partial to blue, and I think the current flag is kind of pretty. But I understand what you mean with the symbolism. Speaking of symbolism, I have a symbol for your PM, but I don’t think he’d like it very much.


  • Candy Korman

    I hope you get your wish. The “sunburnt” flag is bold and Australian Olympic uniforms would look amazing!


  • Honie Briggs

    This story made Public Radio International. I heard it on my way home from class today. The person being interviewed, Graham Bartum, said there are 40 choices for New Zealand to vote on. It seems your countrymen like ferns.


  • Carrie Rubin

    The second flag is definitely more aesthetically pleasing. No doubt about that. Very pretty.


  • George Panayiotou

    I do get your argument.
    Man is it a tough one. Talking from my point of view, growing up with one flag, i wouldn’t want to change it.
    Not sure about the black sky though.

    I was going to comment on the stuff going on here, but then i realized that it’s actually a totally different issue.
    Because it will eventually lead to a flag and anthem change i guess if the talks go the way the turkish-cypriot side suggested, and i guess most people from the greek-cypriot side don’t realize that.


    • acflory

      Oh wait…. I haven’t heard any of this. What’s going on? Merger???


      • George Panayiotou

        A Two-community-1 federal government thing with a president that is elected on a rotation from the two communities. One term from one side, one from the other and the turkish side is pushing that to “make sure that the rights of the turkish people are equal to the greek one.
        Thing is, they already have the same rights if they are registered as cypriots. In pretty much everything. from schools to hospitals and homes.
        I really don’t appreciate it if half the time my president is from a minority of 80K people VS 800K people. Especially when as it is now, they can cross the roadblocks fine, but most probably i’ll get stopped going up.
        Even my dad that was an officer in the army back then is saying “hell no. Divide it once and for all. We lost things, lets not lose more. We all know what Turkey is looking for, and is using the turkish community as a stepping stone for it. Close it off and make proper borders and that’s it.”


        • acflory

          Ugh. This sounds as if it’s going to be more divisive rather than less. Yet how likely is it that this movement will succeed? I wonder if it isn’t just one of those red herrings thrown out to distract people from other issues?


  • davidprosser

    Obviously you won’t get me to say your current flag is ugly but as an Australian you should have the right to vote on the flag you want. The Aboriginal flag reminds me of the Japanese flag in some ways and doesn’t show the incoming of the new setters or their origins. Fine,but the other choice is not a shared heritage either given the relationship between the whites and the Aboriginal people. Perhaps a new flag that shows the heritage of both?
    As for the anthem, I like Waltzing Matilda but it’s not really the inspiring words an anthem should be.Perhaps a competition to find a new one would work, maybe something that tells of a new relationship between the settlers and the Aborigines showing the country belongs to both races now. It sounds like you want a new constitution without the Monarchy though and outside the Commonwealth which I’d think is a shame.Still, it’s your country and your choice.
    xxx Hugs xxx


    • acflory

      To be honest I’m not sure what I want. Not interested in a republic. I guess I’d just like the system we have now but without the trappings of colony.

      Re the anthem, we did get a new one a decade? ago. It doesn’t stir me and I’ll bet that most of the population haven’t clue what the words even are. Sadly, Waltzing Matilda /is/ our history in more ways than one. We don’t have a stirring past of daring do.

      -sigh- I’m just babbling on because New Zealand are probably going to get a new flag. Why can’t we???


  • EllaDee

    Oh Meeks, don’t get me started… I’d love to see the Aboriginal flag replace the Union Jack but keep the Southern Cross by which the ships that brought the early settlers and many of our ancestors navigated. And the colours of which depict the beautiful sea, skies, sun, stars and earth of our country. But I could also live with the Aboriginal flag alone πŸ™‚


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