Over 97% of homicides in America aren’t committed in self-defense

In the light of the latest US gun tragedy, these statistics are even more horrifying than they might normally be. Apparently the ‘right to bear arms’ is in fact a right to slaughter the helpless.

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6 responses to “Over 97% of homicides in America aren’t committed in self-defense

  • anne54

    Imagine the (correct) hue and cry if 42,000 people had died from other causes — drugs, cars, tobacco etc. However, gun deaths don’t seem to generate the same desire to change things. I wonder too how much of the issue is related to class and race. Would the discussion be different if a large percentage of those deaths had been middle class and white.


    • acflory

      You’re right, but I can’t help wondering if it isn’t a case of desensitization as well. We do much the same with our road toll. ‘Hundreds of deaths by car? What a shame, but it won’t happen to me, and besides, we can’t live without our cars!’
      In the same way, I suspect ‘common, garden variety’ gun deaths don’t have much impact in the US. Habit is a terrible thing. đŸ˜¦


  • Candy Korman

    As someone living in a city with relatively tight controls on guns (and relatively low homicide rate) I find the defense of the right to own guns to be insanity! People with guns in their homes are much more likely to kill one another than to keep a burglar from breaking in. After each big spree shooting incident we say—This will end it. It can’t go on like this! But then the NRA (National Rifle Association) jumps in and prevents politicians from making changes in our laws. The entire thing is INSANE!


    • acflory

      It is insane and makes me wonder how on earth the NRA or any single lobby group can have such an undemocratic sway over a government.

      Do you have such a thing as a referendum in the US? If you did then perhaps a response from ordinary US citizens might finally give politicians the courage to break free.


  • EllaDee

    It’s a quandary… the G.O. says he wouldn’t want to live in the US without a gun… I wouldn’t want to live there with all those guns…


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