Shame, Gmail, shame!

Gmail has never been my favourite webmail client, but the ‘new’ gmail makes me want to break things. Have a look at the screenshot below:

gmail ads 1Rather than sending obvious spam to the spam folder, or not displaying it in the first place, Gmail now sends it to the top of the list in the Promotions tab. But there is no way to deal with these ads from the list. No, to get rid of them, you have to open the advert. and ‘dismiss’ them. One. By. One.

I only had two of the bloody things to get rid of today, but what about tomorrow? My only option is to write the promotions tab off as just another spam folder. But wait….

…Gmail decides what to put into that Promotions tab, not me. This is a sample of what gets stuffed into the Promotions tab by the Gmail algorithms:

gmail promotions tabMost of this stuff is ‘promotional’, including the political emails, but sometimes important notifications do end up in the wrong place [one of my big gripes about the new Inbox] so I can’t just shut the door on the Promotions tab and its PAID advertisements completely.

There are workarounds, of course. For example, I could manually create labels for the few important emails that do end up in the Promotions tab, which would allow me to never see that particular tab again. But I shouldn’t have to, even to pay for a ‘free’ email client.

Unfortunately, I suspect paid ads like this are just the start of an avalanche. Once other ‘free’ email clients see the money Google will rake in from these paid ads, they’ll jump on the bandwagon too, and the rise of ads will continue until people stop using free email clients. Inevitable but revolting.

Most unhappy,


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8 responses to “Shame, Gmail, shame!

  • Christie Meierz

    You don’t have to use its webmail client — you can use any good third-party email program to read and organize your Gmail. I use Mozilla Thunderbird, which is free and feature-ful, and I need the webmail client so seldom that I was entirely unaware of this new development. Give it a try, if you haven’t already. 🙂


    • acflory

      I only use webmail as an emergency backup as my main email is linked to my domain. Unfortunately I have to develop teaching material for students who are new to the internet, email and computers. And for them, gmail is the most common option.


  • laurieboris

    Gaaaa! Gmail has not been my friends since I started using it.


    • acflory

      I’ve had it as a standby email for a couple of years but only really looked at it properly this weekend [in order to write a how-to for my teaching]. Not impressed.


  • Yvonne Hertzberger

    Mine isn’t behaving that way. Yet? I hope it doesn’t start.


    • acflory

      New email accounts have the tabs as the default view. If you already have your account setup the way you like it you may not see it at all, or…you may wonder where some of your mail has disappeared to. It’s now a very odd, hybrid kind of system.


  • EllaDee

    Not sure if this will work for you but I found the more I deleted them, the more came so I’ve just left 2 there, and they seem to be static… I’m not sure if they change in content but at least they don’t multiply.
    I don’t have those little side ads though, intriguing.
    I just look at them, FB and WordPress advts etc as the price I pay for use of their platforms. I hate paying cash for stuff!
    Gmail sorting for me seems to be quite intuitive, I’m not sure how I managed that but maybe because I do have lot of labels and folders, otherwise I’d never find anything… hard enough even with, I’m such an information pack rat!


    • acflory

      I have to admit to being a bit anal about information. I like to organize it /my/ way. lol And yes, I create labels too but I’m looking to explain the Inbox to very new, very non-computer savvy students. -sigh-


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