The Irish Referendum and Panti

There are a lot of Irish people in Australia. They are part of our heritage, and today I salute them and their forebears. The Yes, Equality campaign has been truly spectacular, especially considering that Ireland is a largely Catholic country. However it was the speech given by Panti, a famous Irish Drag Queen that put the success of the campaign into true perspective.

Please. Watch this video. It’s smart, it’s funny [in spots], and it will make you check yourself.

My thanks to Mr. Merveilleux for introducing me to Panti, and my thanks to Panti for changing how I see the world.

Have a happy Sunday,



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5 responses to “The Irish Referendum and Panti

  • EllaDee

    That was a powerful, interesting speech from a point of view I’ve not encountered before. The local population of my CBD and inner city localities are so varied that I don’t tend to give anyone a second glance, which means I also don’t give much thought to their individual circumstances & challenges which I think is good but I can see now, also bad.


  • davidprosser

    I have been accused of being gay because I’m happy to hug in public and I don’t mind whether I hug male or female. There have been times it bothered me which probably means I’m homophobic but hopefully just a little bit. But I suppose I too would check myself at a pedestrian crossing to see if I look ‘gay’ which I could say oppresses me.
    Gayness I don’t think is the actual act of being gay but of someone else’s perception of it.So if the public don’t perceive you as being ‘gay’, you aren’t. Which I think means that we’re all exactly the same as long as we’re not perceived to be gay and that straight people are actually gay too merely because of someone else’s perception.
    So maybe now the definition of ‘gay should change and no longer mean homosexual- that no longer matters- but as being different in an extrovert way. So how long will it be before someone tries to get extrovertness banned as being against some biblical canon or other and I’ll find myself having to campaign for equality?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    • Mr. Merveilleux

      That’s a very good take on it- and true. The most common attacks on gays are an attack on perceived femininity. That tells its own story. It’s the reinforcement of patriarchy. (Supposed) Female characteristics are considered inferior.


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