Technology, and the shape of life to come

I just hit the science fiction/nerd jackpot at the The following link will take you to a long, but incredibly interesting article on the ten most important emerging technologies of 2015. [I did say this was for nerds didn’t it?]

[ ]

The article covers a range of fascinating topics including 3D and 4D printing, hydrogen fuel cells, a better way of doing genetic engineering [I have some reservations about this one] robotics and a whole lot more.

The true value of the article, however, is in the way it attempts to forecast how these emerging technologies will change the way we live and work. [Delicious sci-fi material here].

Hugs from my inner nerd,


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4 responses to “Technology, and the shape of life to come

  • George Panayiotou

    I kinda feel as if a couple of those techs might bring to light a new kind of racism. It’s been done before in movies, but i guess “it was in the movies, and in the distant future.”


    • acflory

      Who knows, maybe if we become xenophobic about robots we’ll stop being racist to each other!


      • EllaDee

        I hope not, I’m wondering whether to see the movie Chappie but it looks a bit sad… robots have feelings/consciousness too, it seems at least in the film world… but it could become reality?


        • acflory

          Mmmm… At least not unless robots are created out of some kind of ‘wetware’ as well as electronic circuits.

          The human brain needs both electric impulses, and chemicals to work. It’s the chemicals that essentially give us our emotions.

          An artificial intelligence might be able to simulate some of our mental processes but I can’t see emotions being part of them.

          lol – sorry that was probably far more than you wanted to know. It’s just that as a sci-fi reader I get incredibly mad when writers create robots that think and feel exactly like humans. I feel cheated so it’s a sore point with me. 😦

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