How to grow a forest – TED

The following video details how an Indian industrial engineer, Shubhendu Sharma, took the work of Akira Miyawaki on growing small-scale, self-sustaining forests, and expanded it to work like a ‘production line’. However it’s his monetization of the process that’s interesting because if other companies realise that re-forestation is profitable, it could start a chain reaction across the world, and that can only be good.

Watch the video and see what you think.

You can also find a full, written article about the process here.

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3 responses to “How to grow a forest – TED

  • davidprosser

    What a fantastic idea.The possibility of large companies making themselves carbon neutral and to increase the quality of at at the same time.The possibility that individuals can apply the same process to their gardens and retain moisture and yet improve their own air quality. Cities could plant forests in suburban spaces which can’t be built on but which could improve the area in which they’re gown.
    That the losses we suffer from the rain forest could be replaced planet wide easily and cheaply and maybe provide a source of nourishment at the same time is staggering.I hope the idea goes viral.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx


  • EllaDee

    Maybe by corollary… more forests less iPhones 😉
    I love it, anything to make people think outside [the concrete] box.
    And a great excuse for me to stop thinking ‘we have no room’ in the context of our already pretty well utilised garden, and push the envelope by adding more 🙂 Any excuse will do!


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