Amazon and wind farms

My thanks to the Passive Guy for this article in his daily news roundup.

In essence the article talks about the announcement that Amazon Web Services will jointly build a massive wind farm in Indiana to power its online data centres. Just another example of how different the Amazon corporate ethos truly is. Go Bezos!

If we truly want to do something about climate change then more ‘soulless corporations’ are going to have to invest …in the future of the planet.



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4 responses to “Amazon and wind farms

  • davidprosser

    A positive move by one of the giants might make some other companies consider similar actions. The power companies won’t be happy though.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    • acflory

      Interesting fact – so many home owners took up the subsidized installation of solar panel here [in Australia] that all the extra power load the utilities companies put on is not being used. They’re not happy either but they’re trying to hold back the tide with a toilet brush.


  • Yvonne Hertzberger

    I agree – but, unfortunately, here in Ontario farmers are fighting wind farms, citing health issues – even thought thee are none. I think it’s a smkoke screen for not wanting their views spoiled.


    • acflory

      We’ve had that reaction here as well, yet I remember the first Wind farm I ever saw – up in Queensland – it wasn’t noisy and cows were happily grazing right up to the base of each windmill. -shrug-


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