And now from cats to ghosts. :)

Apologies for hitting you with two posts in one night, but I simply couldn’t resist either of these two stories.

My second offering comes from Candy Korman, and includes her signature ‘twist’ at the end. I give you ‘Nightwatch’ –

Harriet’s commute was already too long, but the Beltway traffic in and out of the district was turning it into a marathon drive — even when the weather was good. A little rain or, heaven forbid, snow and the hour and ten minute trip grew to two hours plus.

….Yes snow is on the way! We’re expecting anywhere between five and ten inches before the storm passes up the coast. Of course, there’s a chance that it’ll hit a holding pattern and dump even more than ten on Fairfax, Prince William, Stafford and Fauquier counties in Northern Virginia and D.C. …

John shut the sound off on the TV in the conference room.

“You up for staying here tonight?” John was Harriet’s boss. His question wasn’t exactly a question. It wasn’t an order, either. Orders weren’t John’s style, but unless she had a compelling reason to say ‘no’ she knew that saying ‘yes’ was the only option.

“Sure, no problem. I’ll just run out and pick up a few things.”

“I’m sure you can find anything you need in the gift shop — a tooth brush and…”

“John, if I’m stuck here over night I’ll need more than a tooth brush. I’ll need a change of underwear and…”

“Yes, yes… of course. Run out and pick up a pair of pajamas, whatever you’ll need…” John rolled his eyes.

Harriet took a deep breath and then smiled. John was basically a good guy, but that was the fundamental issue in their working relationship. He was a ‘guy,’ a man’s man and had little or no understanding of the more than 50 percent of the hotel’s workforce that was female. With evidence to the contrary, he still thought their business travelers were primarily male and was shocked that the expanded spa was such a success.

You can find the rest of NightWatch at this link :

Goodnight all!



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