Science fiction is becoming a reality

Whilst the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant is an on-going tragedy for Japan, it may end up being the trigger for something wonderful.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has unveiled a proposal to build solar farms in space. If the proposal goes ahead, it could solve Japan’s power problems, and allow the country to decommission at least some of its nuclear power plants. It could also usher in a whole new era of clean energy  for the world as a whole.

The following quote from JAXA researcher Susumu Sasaki  really struck a chord with me :

It would be difficult and expensive, but the payoff would be immense, and not just in economic terms. Throughout human history, the introduction of each new energy source—beginning with firewood, and moving on through coal, oil, gas, and nuclear power—has caused a revolution in our way of living. If humanity truly embraces space-based solar power, a ring of satellites in orbit could provide nearly unlimited energy, ending the biggest conflicts over Earth’s energy resources. As we place more of the machinery of daily life in space, we’ll begin to create a prosperous and peaceful civilization beyond Earth’s surface.

You can find the full article on the Venture Beat website :



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33 responses to “Science fiction is becoming a reality

  • EllaDee

    Metan gave vivid mental imagery to the reservations that were in my head. I just don’t trust scientists… details, schmetails…
    I saw a RT segment recently of a man from Fukushima visiting his old home. It was just too sad.


    • acflory

      I think I saw that one too. The earthquake may have caused the most deaths, but for the survivors, Fukushima is the soul destroying tragedy. Did you see the one of young mothers taking their children in for health checks – because they’re terrified of what the supposedly ‘safe’ levels of radiation may be doing to them? Ungh.


  • Harliqueen

    Kinda scary when things from sci-fi start becoming real, but also really cool 😀


  • anne54

    It would be a fantastic thing — if it comes off. Although Metan’s imagery of underground citizens with foil umbrellas might change my mind!


  • davidprosser

    What a fantastic feat if this went ahead and works. Energy enough so that man no longer need create wars fort the sole purpose of gaining access to oil.
    Japan is high on my list of Countries to be proud of already since the Government is trying to increase their armed forces and weaponry but the people have come out against the idea quoting the none re-armament written into their constitution after the last war. The Japanese people make me proud. I’m in awe of such a rejection of rearming.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  • metan

    Eeeek! I’m not sure I want to live anywhere near the gigantic (gigantically gigantic) dish they’d need to recieve the microwaves from space!

    My conspiracy theory brain suggests to me that there might be some kind of unexpected reaction to the wide microwave beam from space and that this heralds the start of underground civilisations. That, and everyone wearing foil umbrellas on their heads when they do go outside…… 😉

    Perhaps some kind of endangered parrot will be discovered near the ideal site for this tech and ruin all these alt energy plans. Cos that’s never happened before. Hee hee. 😉


    • acflory

      Damn you make me laugh! So those guys who’ve been wearing foil hats all these are going to be proved right? I almost hope it happens just to see their faces. 😀

      With any new tech there are bad aspects, and you may be right about that microwave dish. :/ But I guess if I were living in Japan I’d probably take a punt on the microwave in preference to all those nuclear reactors they have. They really do have a lot.

      Oh and about that parrot? Make sure to poke some holes in your suitcase before you get on the plane. 😀 Just saying…. mwahahaha!


  • Candy Korman

    WOW! What a wild and wonderful — futuristic idea!


  • Jennifer

    Brilliant quote, but yes, how would storage work.


    • acflory

      They wouldn’t store it, at least I don’t think so. Even now, our power plants basically only go into production as the demand rises because they can’t store electricity either. So instead of turning the turbines by burning coal, they do it with microwaves… somehow or other…mmm…


  • Carrie Rubin

    What a wonderful possibility, and one that’s desperately needed, at least if we want this world to keep ticking in future centuries, that is.


  • Jon Jefferson

    It will be interesting to see how they make this all work.


    • acflory

      There’ll be an awful lot of politicking before anything happens, but a) it would solve Japan’s power problems and b) it would be an enormous feather in Japan’s cap – if they were the first country to pull this off. Plus there would be economic benefits in starting up such a potentially huge new industry, and perhaps licensing the tech to other power hungry countries.

      For the rest of us, it might provide a viable alternative to both fossil fuels and the less than reliable earth-based power generation models.

      Sorry to be such a nerd but I’m really excited about this. 🙂


  • pinkagendist

    We have trouble storing energy here- how would that work from space?


    • acflory

      I’m not sure of the exact details but I think it would be beamed down to earth as microwaves and then converted to run turbines of some sort. So not a direct solar to electricity process.


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