Is this the only sci-fi pop song ever written?

I was still in high school when the song ‘In the year 2525‘  became a huge hit. I don’t remember thinking about the lyrics all that much at the time, but perhaps this one hit wonder did influence my love affair with sci-fi…


In the year 2525 – Zager and Evans, 1969 – lyrics

In the year 2525, if man is still alive
If woman can survive, they may find
In the year 3535

Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie
Everything you think, do and say
Is in the pill you took today

In the year 4545
You ain’t gonna need your teeth, won’t need your eyes
You won’t find a thing to chew
Nobody’s gonna look at you

In the year 5555
Your arms hangin’ limp at your sides
Your legs got nothin’ to do
Some machine’s doin’ that for you

In the year 6565
Ain’t gonna need no husband, won’t need no wife
You’ll pick your son, pick your daughter too
From the bottom of a long glass tube

In the year 7510
If God’s a-coming, He oughta make it by then
Maybe He’ll look around Himself and say
“Guess it’s time for the Judgement Day”

In the year 8510
God is gonna shake His mighty head
He’ll either say, “I’m pleased where man has been”
Or tear it down, and start again

In the year 9595
I’m kinda wonderin’ if man is gonna be alive
He’s taken everything this old earth can give
And he ain’t put back nothing

Now it’s been ten thousand years, man has cried a billion tears
For what, he never knew, now man’s reign is through
But through eternal night, the twinkling of starlight
So very far away, maybe it’s only yesterday


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Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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I had to smile at a couple of the verses. We’ve had test tube babies for a generation already, and if you remember that video clip I posted about the exoskeleton helping a paralyzed woman to walk you’ll know that we are on the cusp of having ‘some machine do that for you’ as well. 😀

The one thing Zager and Evans did get right was this comment about mankind :

He’s taken everything this old earth can give
And he ain’t put back nothing

So, am I right? Is this song the only sci-fi pop song ever written? Can anyone think of others?

Oh, and my thanks to David Prosser for finding this golden oldie in the first place!

Have a great weekend,


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21 responses to “Is this the only sci-fi pop song ever written?

  • Harliqueen

    I’d never heard this song before 😀 Thanks for sharing.


  • EllaDee

    I remember 2525, it was one of those rhyming songs that was fascinating to sing over and over… and over.
    The song that popped into my head is one of my favourites. Ballroom of Mars by T. Rex (Mark Bolan) to which various explanations have been ascribed to the lyrics… although none as far as I know sci-fi.
    “You gonna look fine
    Be primed for dancing
    You’re gonna trip and glide
    All on the trembling plane”


  • Anonymous

    “In the Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus)” was written exclusively, music & lyrics, by Richard (Rick) STANLEY Evans — not Richard LEE.
    Verify: Also Broadcast Music, Inc.
    On the RCA release, Evans (writer) sings lead, Zager a four word harmony part.


  • Candy Korman

    I haven’t thought about that song in ages and yet I could sing along! Around that same time I was a kid in sleep away camp (maybe camp was a few years later, I don’t want to do the math) singing a mock horror/science fiction song called “The Eggplant that Ate Chicago.” It had a ragtime beat and I played the guitar while a couple of friends played “washboards” and other improvised instruments. The lyrics that I still remember are…

    You’d better watch out for the eggplant that ate Chicago
    For he might eat your city soon.

    He came from outer space and he was looking for something to eat.
    He landed in Chicago, he thought Chicago was a treat
    it was sweet
    it was just like sugar…


  • metan

    Well, I saw the thing, a comin’ out of the sky.
    It had a one long horn and a one big eye.
    I commenced to shakin’ and I said ooh-wee,
    Looks like a Purple People Eater to me….

    You know I wouldn’t be able to resist an alien that came to earth to join rock and roll band. 😀


  • davidprosser

    David Bowie with Ground Control to Major Tom? And a group called Babylon Zoo brought out a song called Spaceman.
    I reckon Zager and Evans beat them all though.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    • acflory

      David Bowie, of course! Thank you. And oddly enough, Carrie just pointed me at a band called The Killers which also has a song called Spaceman. I wonder if it’s the same song? You guys are brilliant. 😀


  • Carrie Rubin

    The only one I can think of is Spaceman by The Killers:

    “It started with a low light,
    Next thing I knew they ripped me from my bed
    And then they took my blood type
    It left a strange impression in my head.
    You know that I was hoping,
    That I could leave this star-crossed world behind
    But when they cut me open,
    I guess I changed my mind.”

    A very good song. 🙂


  • christiemeierz


    She packed my bags last night pre-flight
    Zero hour nine a.m.
    And I’m gonna be high as a kite by then
    I miss the earth so much I miss my wife
    It’s lonely out in space
    On such a timeless flight

    And I think it’s gonna be a long long time
    Till touch down brings me round again to find
    I’m not the man they think I am at home
    Oh no no no I’m a rocket man
    Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone

    Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids
    In fact it’s cold as hell
    And there’s no one there to raise them if you did
    And all this science I don’t understand
    It’s just my job five days a week
    A rocket man, a rocket man

    And I think it’s gonna be a long long time…


  • christiemeierz

    Rocket Man, by Elton John, released in 1972, not much later. It certainly affected me.


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