3D printing in SFX

Not long ago I wrote a fun post [well it was fun for me] about 3D printing of Hershey chocolate bars. It led to a great discussion in comments, with many of you trying to imagine how and where this new-ish technology would be in the future.

This morning I found an interesting new site called CGSoup. On it was this video clip about how 3D printing is helping to create your favourite movies…right now.

[Note : there seems to be a short advertisement right in the middle of the video clip, almost like an ‘intermission’. It’s not long, and the video clip will begin again quickly so just hang in there.]



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20 responses to “3D printing in SFX

  • davidprosser

    How fascinating to see tomorrow actually here today.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  • EllaDee

    It’s an exciting concept once you get your head around the possibilities of it. I recently read an article re designing and printing of jewelry via 3D printing. To think in the future we will be able to be our own designers and manufacturers of anything we have the raw materials for. Something that in the past would have saved me a lot of frustration but will probably have the same outcome, I find/make it and within weeks every shop seems to be stocking it.

    • acflory

      lmao! Sadly, unless we’re very good at designing the templates themselves, we’ll probably all be printing and wearing the same stuff. Still, in our children’s children’s time this will probably be as primitive as the Model T Ford is to us now.

  • metan

    Loving the potentials of 3d printing. I was listening to an interview the other day about the possibility of printing organs, or parts of, for transplant.

    What else could it be used for? Things we’ve never even thought of yet…. Exciting stuff!πŸ˜€

    • acflory

      I think I saw the same program! If they can get the tissue to match, the days of organ donors will be over. Hope they have the bugs ironed out by the time I need a new head!

      • metan

        Ooh, self designed plastic surgery! You design your new face, buy a kit that allows you to harvest your own cells over time (so no rejection and no big slices of butt cheek on your face), then take the whole lot to the surgeon who prints it out and slaps it on…..

        Great possibilities but really, I’d just like my boring old paper printer to bloody well connect to the laptop properly!πŸ˜‰

        • acflory

          lmao! You have the makings of a sci-fi writer Metan! But have a look at the post I just threw up. It will blow your mind.

          Re the printer, could you have a slightly faulty cable? Check the little pins inside the two connectors. If one of those pins is slightly bent it may not connect properly.

        • metan

          πŸ˜€ you should listen to the conversations the boys and I have about these things. We spend a lot of time making up stuff, and I imagine that most if it will be true at some stage in the future!πŸ˜€

          The wifi part of the printer is the problem, I think they both just hate each other and refuse to communicate…. I’ve sent them both to their rooms to cool down….

        • acflory

          lol – then perhaps we have THREE budding sci-fi writers.πŸ˜€

          Sorry, I didn’t realise the connection was via wifi. Given the difficulties you have with wifi anyway, is it possible to connect the printer to the laptop via a hard connection – i.e. a cable? That was you could at least print no matter what the vagaries of your connection.

        • metan

          Our lives are all about sci fi!πŸ˜€ Number 1 is doing Lego Robotics as a subject at school too.
          My laptop has real problems communicating with anything outside of it’s own box, I think I might just have to connect my ipad to it and use that instead… Grrr technology….
          Imagine the problems we might have with 3d printers going wrong!

        • acflory

          Lego Robotics is a subject? That’s brilliant.:)

          All I can say Metan is, don’t try to make a pizza with your 3D printer.πŸ˜‰

        • metan

          The school has a program where the teachers teach something they are interested in once a week for 6 months to a group of kids from different year levels who are also interested. Asian cooking, sustainability, martial arts, French polishing, among others and, my favourite, mediaeval weaponry and trebuchet building…. Wish I was back at school!

          One day you’ll be able to print out a pizza, or piece of cheese, the problem will be how pizza-y or cheesy will it taste!

        • acflory

          What a wonderful, creative idea. Which kind of school is this Metan? Public or independent? I can’t think of a better way of bringing out the best in the teachers themselves, not to mention being great for the kids.

          Re the taste test – I guess it depends how authentic you like your pizza. Synthetic flavourings have been around for a while – think instant soups, noodles whatever. Personally I’d rather eat cardboard sprinkled with salt but…πŸ˜‰

        • metan

          Oh, if only we had the budget to send the boys to a private school.:) No, he just goes to the local high school. Young and eager teachers are slowly replacing the older more staid teachers (some of whom are past their use by dates… ) and the result seems to be happy kids who feel a real connection to them. Not necessarily something that can be provided by a big budget private institution anyway.

          One thing a few of the schools are doing these days is having a reptile room managed by the students. Even number 2’s primary school got in on the act last year, getting help from the high school and doing some fundraisers to get the money for the tanks etc.

          I agree about the synthetic flavourings but I can see the 3d printer version of food still being popular, after all, maccas burgers are pretty plastic tasting but they seem to be a hit.πŸ˜‰
          There is a whole demographic who would love print-a-burger at home. I imagine people trapped on the couch, printer on one side, tv on the other, weekly edible print medium deliveries. The print speed will have to be improved though, otherwise they might have to wait between courses!πŸ˜€

        • acflory

          lmao!!!! I was actually thinking of the McD flavours and thinking they’d be transferable! One thing you forgot though – the online virtual worlds where your avatar can be as slim and sexy as you please.πŸ˜‰ I’m sure some people would never leave the house again.

          I agree about some of the older teachers. Far too many came through the old bonded system where you could get a university education if you contracted to work as a teacher for three? years afterwards. It put a lot of teachers into the system but a lot of them didn’t want to be there. Then, when their time was up they found nowhere else to go and stayed – without any of the passion a good teacher should have.

          I’m glad your boys are getting the benefits of a new generation of dedicated teachers who actually like kids. And I agree, the private schools aren’t always that innovative.

  • Candy Korman

    The future, as they say, is HERE!
    I honestly don’t know where 3D printing where lead. I could be a simple as making parts for old machines or a as complex as making “realities” to meet our fantasies.

    • acflory

      You know what I find most exciting about the 3D printer, or Google Glass, or even the ubiquitous mobile phone? It’s the idea that we are actually witnessing history in the making. These technologies will change how we live, and maybe even how are societies evolve. That’s heady stuff.:)

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