Walking the tightrope between Work and Writing

My latest article on Indies Unlimited just went live. This is a snippet from the beginning :

‘I have always admired people who can write, hold down a job, care for children, do marketing and wield a vacuum cleaner while apparently staying sane and cheerful. Sadly, I’m not one of them. I may be female, but I’m no multi-tasker. I’m more like a serial monogamist who can only concentrate on one, maybe two things at a time.

For me, family has always been THE top priority, so twenty-odd years ago I’d do technical writing during my daughter’s naps, and when everyone else was asleep.

Juggling family and writing worked back then because I was writing about real things that could be approached in neat, logical chunks, all left-brain stuff. However when I began writing fiction, I discovered that the process of creating characters and worlds is very different. Creative writing is a right-brain activity, and I’m naturally a left-brain type of person….’

You can find the rest of the article here :




About acflory

I am the kind of person who always has to know why things are the way they are so my interests range from genetics and biology to politics and what makes people tick. For fun I play online mmorpgs, read, listen to a music, dance when I get the chance and landscape my rather large block. Work is writing. When a story I am working on is going well I'm on cloud nine. On bad days I go out and dig big holes... View all posts by acflory

8 responses to “Walking the tightrope between Work and Writing

  • EllaDee

    I’m late late commenting thanks to my holiday hiatus and a busy start to the new year but I commented over on your post… and I’m glad you wrote it because I think I’m going to need all the help I can get to manage that right-left brain balance this year… i


  • Colleen

    I thought it would be fun to visit everyone who follows me today and wish you a Happy New Year. 😀 I used to multitask. Now with my MCS I find I more serial task. I don’t focus on something for very long so I’ve just accepted that I’ll work on ‘it’ as long as possible and then I will get back to it — eventually.


    • acflory

      Happy New Year to you too Colleen! I like your attitude. I think I’ll just have to accept that things happen when they happen too. 🙂

      Hope 2014 is a good year for you.


  • pinkagendist

    I can barely juggle chewing and swallowing 😀
    P.S. your right brain is doing very well. When I need a break from myself and the way my own mind works- I embark again on your book. It’s the nearest to a vacation from myself I’ve had since I stopped taking drugs 😀


  • Kathryn Chastain Treat

    I am going to head over there and read the rest. I was a multi-tasker until the brain fog and brain damage happened.


    • acflory

      Just read your comment – thank you. 🙂 Given the physical obstacles you face, I’m always amazed at your ability to write, AND promote Allergic to My Life! Just be kind to yourself. Nothing is as important as your health.


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