Newtown-Sandy Hook Anniversary

A post by Kenneth W. Cain reminded me that it’s been almost a year since the Sandy Hook massacre.

At the time, I thought the face of that traumatised child would be etched in my memory forever. I promised not to forget.

I did forget though, and I feel ashamed that the small distractions of everyday life could push the horrible deaths of so many children [and adults] out of my mind.

Author Kenneth W. Cain is giving all his children’s books away for free until the end of the year in memory of Sandy Hook. I can only manage 5 days via Amazon, but it’s better than nothing. And perhaps if other authors do the same, our combined efforts may raise awareness of this tragedy again.

But awareness is not enough. My hope is that people who download these free books will use that awareness to donate something to Sandy Hook. It doesn’t have to be much. $1 per person per many persons can add up to a sizable amount.

Where to donate though?

That was a question that troubled me, especially after I did some googling and discovered that there have been some scam artists taking advantage of people’s generosity.

My research showed that there is legislation in progress? to ensure emergency/disaster donations go to where they are supposed to go – i.e. to the people who need the support. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any specific links for donations. However, I did find information on the largest, and apparently most reputable group – Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation.

I sent them this email :

Coming up to the anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy I, and some of my friends would like to donate to the ongoing support of those affected. Please advise how we can do this.

Andrea Flory

As soon as I get a reply I’ll post an update, and hopefully a link to a donation site. Once I have that, I’ll be putting both my books up for free on Amazon…and keeping my promise not to forget.

Nothing I can do will ease the pain of the bereaved families this Christmas, but a little love never goes astray.


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I am the kind of person who always has to know why things are the way they are so my interests range from genetics and biology to politics and what makes people tick. For fun I play online mmorpgs, read, listen to a music, dance when I get the chance and landscape my rather large block. Work is writing. When a story I am working on is going well I'm on cloud nine. On bad days I go out and dig big holes... View all posts by acflory

10 responses to “Newtown-Sandy Hook Anniversary

  • Candy Korman

    It’s very frustrating for me. Right after this horrific event, there was a great deal of talk about gun control, but once again it seems to have faded. Too many people here in the US value their right to own and use guns to an irrational level.

    There will be more terrible incidents if the laws don’t change.

    I’m ashamed.


    • acflory

      Don’t be ashamed Candy. Here in Australia we have a culture of binge drinking that has had some horrible consequences but federal and state governments still pussyfoot around the edges of the problem. Apparently the Liquor Lobby is a force to be reckoned with. 😦


  • davidprosser

    There have been so many disasters in the world since Sandy Hook with much loss of life so it’s very hard to keep an image in mind when so many more are thrust at us by the news daily. Your heart is as big as your continent though and if I can find a way to emulate you on Amazon I will though a percentage of my sales goes to charity already.

    The figures quoted by EllaDee are staggering. I’ve never understood this obsession with guns and the lack of control about the amount someone can hold. I read about the increase in sales of the Bushmaster and that it was a backlash against the possibility against new gun controls.I consider that sick as I do the argument that the US constitution allows for the right to bear arms even though that was written for a different time and different circumstances. I’m sure the Founding Fathers would be horrified at how that legislation has been abused.

    I hope the people of Newtown manage a Saturday to remember in private and their dignity lights a flame of hope for the gun control lobby.


  • EllaDee

    What a generous thing for you to do, not only in deed but in thinking of it. I’m always grateful that Australia isn’t, as it does the US in many ways, emulating its gun issues.

    I started my day reading this article and the “statistics that expose America’s gun obsession”…. “11,367 Americans have been reported killed by guns since the Newtown massacre… That’s more than four times the number of people killed in the September 11 terrorist attacks. And that number is only made up of the victims mentioned in news reports. According to the Centre for Disease Control, more than 32,000 Americans* have died from guns since Newtown. There’s a damaged family for each one, too. *Deaths by suicides often go unreported.”

    And… “54 The number of senators who voted down President Obama’s effort to introduce mandatory background checks for people who purchase assault weapons. 46 members voted for the legislation. After the vote, an angry Obama said: “It came down to politics – the worry (that) vocal minority of gun owners would come after them in future elections. “All in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington.”

    And just part of the profit from the potential future lives lost…. “$240 million The total expected profits of the gun manufacturer which made the Bushmaster model rifle Adam Lanza used at Newtown. The Freedom Group has had a stellar year, according to financial advice obtained by CNBC. The company’s sales rose by as much as 36 per cent since Sandy Hook.”


  • Carrie Rubin

    That’s a very nice gesture. Such a horrible tragedy. I read today that the town is asking the media to leave them in peace on Saturday so that they can quietly grieve the anniversary. I think CNN and some of the other bigwigs are obliging. I hope the rest of the media does to. They can show their support and cover the event without driving their trucks into Newtown, setting up their cameras, and disturbing the mourners.


  • metan

    If every terrible thing we saw or lived through remained front of mind forever we would get to a point where we wouldn’t be able to function.

    I’m sure that the people who were so terribly affected by that day a year ago wouldn’t mind if you let those images slip away as long as you kept on doing your best (as you are) to help make it a world where something like that never happened again.

    Hard to believe it is a year ago, I’m sure for those families and the town that it still seems like yesterday. 😦


    • acflory

      My head knows you’re right…but I still feel bad. I guess what they say about Catholic guilt is true. But you’re right, it’s spurred me to /do/ something so perhaps it’s not such a bad thing.-hugs-


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