How we Aussies appear to the rest of the world

One of the messages Tony Abbott and the Liberals bleeted ad nauseum before the last election [as a justification for getting rid of the Carbon Tax] was “why should we cripple our economy when it won’t do any good anyway?”.

That was not a direct quote of course, I just paraphrased the ‘message’. Well, I was given a most compelling answer yesterday by Lew Blaustein of New York.

As some of you may remember, Lew is a climate change activist who is marrying the message of climate change with something far more popular –  sport.

Lew and I had a long chat about the Carbon Tax via Skype, and the gist of that conversation appears in Lew’s latest post :

Now I knew more or less what Lew would say, but the thing that truly surprised me was the cred. we Australians had on the world stage… because of our Carbon Tax! Surprise, surprise but the rest of the world was watching us. They applauded when the Carbon Tax went through, and mourned when it became clear it would be repealed by the Mad Monk and his cronies.

Australia may be a very small country but we’ve always been proud of ‘punching above our weight’. What we do matters, and that’s the single most heartening point I took from Lew’s post.

Are we going to follow the rest of the world like sheep? Or are we going to reclaim that international cred. bestowed on us by our willingness to do something about Climate Change?

Personally, I’d be really chuffed if we Australians were known for our sporting prowess, as well as our courage off the field.



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4 responses to “How we Aussies appear to the rest of the world

  • EllaDee

    Looks like the Carbon Tax Repeal bill has been rejected for now. The Libs will have to work for it I think… I still haven’t come across anyone who will admit to voting Libfor them in the last election. It’s a mystery 😉


  • David Prosser

    Well, judging by past Olympics, the Ashes Cricket teams and the Rugby teams Australia is already ahead in the sporting prowess stakes. It’s also well known for it’s stance on carbon emissions and was known as one of the few countries where people put the country before their pockets. That Mr. Abbot came to power on a ticket of removing the carbon tax doesn’t signify a losing position in the eyes of the world. Some Australians may want to lose the tax and keep their cash but it doesn’t mean they want to cut back on the cut backs being achieved. With the pro-carbon ta\ax lobby out in force I think many people may well change their minds again if Mr. Abbot doesn’t come up with a viable alternative to losing the tax but keeping the emissions down.
    We’re watching you and have every faith things will be turned round again. Australia can still hold it’s collective head high as Country who showed the rest of us the way forward.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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