Amazon KDP Australia? Help?

ImageI just found this email in my inbox :


We are excited to announce Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for Australia. Your KDP published book(s), where you have indicated publication rights, are now available in the Australia Kindle Store. While there is no immediate action needed on your part, you can review your title and account preferences by visiting your KDP Bookshelf.
Take advantage of these great benefits:
Publish easily – You can quickly and easily publish your books for Australian customers at
Reach more readers worldwide – Make your books available in the Australia Kindle Store and in more than 175 countries worldwide.
Earn up to 70% royalties – Adjust your list price in Australian dollars for the local market and be eligible to earn up to a 70% royalty for book sales to customers in Australia and New Zealand.
Get paid in Australian dollars – Receive payment in your local currency for book sales, if your bank account is in Australia, and track your progress with KDP sales reporting detailed by marketplace.
Visit your KDP Bookshelf today.

Kind regards,
The Kindle Direct Publishing Team”

Does anyone know anything about this? As my ebooks are already published via KDP I’m not sure how or why an aussie author would benefit.

If we publish via we get paid in AUD…but does that apply only to sales here in Australia? What about international sales?

I have a ton of questions and no answers. Can anyone help?



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22 responses to “Amazon KDP Australia? Help?

  • Peter weernink

    I want publish a eBook on Amazon I use the Microsoft word document for oploadin Iuse the PDF fileI use epube method but no method is working the draft is different as the original what can be the reason with the confertter regards Peter Alexander Weernink


    • acflory

      Hi Peter. PDF file format is not good for ebooks.
      Take the Word document and delete:
      – page numbers
      – Table of Contents [if using]
      – Index [if using]
      Next, make sure Track Changes is OFF.
      For chapter headings, use Heading 1 from Word Styles.
      Try to make the format as simple as possible because Word puts in a lot of ‘junk’ that messes with ebooks.
      I hope that helps. Good luck!


  • Voucher

    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this subject, however, you seem like you
    know what you’re talking about! Thanks


  • WilliamStephen Taylor


    Have You written to Amazon making enquiries, about anything? What sort of reply did You get. (I have a Problem with unwanted caps) It has come to my notice that nobody on Amazon “help” has the ability to interperet my questions about Amazons amateurish attempts at selling. I always finish up talking to at least six different People with strange-sounding names.
    I’m anything but a racist, but Amazon seems to be run by people with reading difficulties, English not being their mother tongue.

    What genre do You write in?
    Are You on Facebook?

    Best of luck with your writing.


    • acflory

      Hi William. 🙂 No, I haven’t tried requesting help from Amazon, yet. From your experiences, however, it sounds as if they have out-sourced their help like every other large corporation. 😦 It happens here in Australia too, and it can be annoying, but sometimes you can be very lucky. Back in March I called Virgin Mobile support because I couldn’t work out how to upload the pics from my phone to my pc. The girl who answered my call was probably from India [by the accent] but she was wonderful, walking me through the process even though it wasn’t technically her ‘job’.

      I wish you luck!

      My genre is science fiction, and I am on Facebook but… I rarely log in as it’s probably my least favourite form of social media.



  • Yvonne Hertzberger

    What this means is that if you opted for amazon’s expanded distribution your book will be listed on the Aussie site as well as .com. When it comes available you will be able to create an author page there, as you can, now at the other amazon sites. Readers from those countries won’t look at the .com site. they go to their home country site. Bottom line – more sales opportunities. And I understand it is now possible to be paid in Aussie currency to and Aussie bank. It’s ll good news.


  • davidprosser

    I received a cheque from KDP last week for books and was not happy to find it paid in $ US when I knew I’d set up for £. and it costs me a fee to change it every time and the travel time can take the value right down in a fluctuating market. Back in the KDP site I found it was set up to pay in £ for UK sales but $ US for everywhere else.
    Not being a techno nerd and not having seen instructions about it at the time I found I had to go into every Country on the distribution list and change the currency of payment so hopefully I won’t have this again.
    If you’re going to leave your work where it is with KDP US. Make sure you have the currency for payment correct with each distributor.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    • acflory

      Thank you David! This is exactly the kind of info. I was hoping for. I think I have everything set up for USD. I will change to AUD first thing in the morning. Really, really appreciate the info! -hugs-


  • Candy Korman

    I think they should hire better writers to draft emails that writers understand.


  • EllaDee

    This is the ABC News article, which is essentially about “Amazon has announced an “Australian” Kindle eBooks store and that its high-end tablets, the Kindle Fire HDX 7 and 8.9, will be available in Australian stores”

    But goes on to say… “The new Kindle store will also support Amazon’s self-publishing initiative, the not-terribly-inventively named Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). KDP has been available for Australian authors for some time now, and works on a royalty basis of “up to” 70 per cent of the cover price going back to the author.”

    Hope that helps 🙂


  • metan

    I just read a big article on the ABC website about the new Amazon Australia thingo that has been released. I’m not sure if it will clear it up for you but it might help slightly….


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