Booktrack – Music for ebooks

It’s almost midnight but I just had to share this with you. It’s a demo of a new whiz bang innovation called ‘Booktrack’.

The idea is to provide a soundtrack, or sound effects, that will be synced to the ebook you read.

I’m not sure whether the sound in the demo would  enthrall me, or annoy the hell out of me, but suddenly the wild idea I had about including my Two Steps From Hell writing music with my story doesn’t seem so wild any more. In five years time this technology may well be common place. Yay, technology!

Sadly I’ll never be able to afford the music I’d like so… -sigh- 

Good night world!


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13 responses to “Booktrack – Music for ebooks

  • Stephanie Allen Crist

    I’d just turn the music off or, preferrably, by a version without it. I can’t write to music, so I’ll go out on a limb and assume I can’t read to music. My brain makes it’s own sound effects anyway.


    • acflory

      lol – I /have/ to write to music or my ‘prose’ would turn into sci-fi tech writing! I think I agree with you about the reading side of things though. If I hated the music I wouldn’t be able to read the book at all.


  • josh

    Interesting concept, but not really anything that appeals to me. I like to read in peace and quiet. And at my own pace. How does this account for differences in reading speeds? If someone pauses their reading, do they now need to hit Pause, instead of just looking away? I often re-read passages or just stop to think about what I’ve just read.

    Music is often used to heighten the emotion in a movie or TV show, but I kind of think that’s taking the easy way out. Not to say soundtracks shouldn’t be used, but I think they’re over-used today. Music shouldn’t be used to make up for weak acting, directing, writing or cinematography! Spoken like a true old fuddy-duddy, right?!


    • acflory

      -giggles- If you’re an old fuddy duddy you’re in good company. 🙂 I like the /idea/ of booktracks, but like you and most other commenters, I can see lots of issues with the reality.

      I suspect you would have to have a sequence of music or sound effects for each page, which would then loop until you paged forward. That could get extremely annoying very very fast. And that’s without even thinking about individual’s tastes in music. 😦

      I think it will happen, but it may be like 3D in movies – some will love it and some will absolutely hate it so there’d better be an ‘off’ option.


  • Candy Korman

    I don’t know… I guess I’m taking the role of the skeptic here. I LIKE filling in the blanks in what I read and I like writing for readers who are willing to add their own (imaginary) soundtrack. It’s not that I don’t live movies and appreciate how sound enhances, and sometimes directs, the emotional responses of an audience. I just like books to leave something to the imagination of the reader.

    Oh, well… I may become a dinosaur one day. LOL


    • acflory

      I think something like this would only work if the reader had the option of turning the soundtrack off!

      I know for a fact I’d never be able to read anything with a Country and Western soundtrack. Apologies to all C&W fans. 😦


  • EllaDee

    Where e-books will end up, will they be completely interactive, a hybrid book-game-movie-album…. Noooooo, far too prescriptive, I scream, I like to read so I the authors words leave me scope for my imagination to superimpose my thoughts and surroundings with the book.
    But I do wonder where it will all end up, when I went to Universal Studios in L.A. many years ago there was a 3D E.T. ride where you were bicycling through a landscape and it felt like you were in the story….


    • acflory

      I’ll be honest, I prefer quiet when I’m reading too, but as music is such a huge part of my /writing/… I’d love to be able to at least give readers to option of listening to the music/emotional content that inspires me.

      Where will it end up? Probably not where we think it will. 😉 The only prediction I’d make is that entertainment, and even study will become much more interactive and /immersive/. I just hope they hurry up. I’d hate to have to wait until I’m 90!


  • Jon Jefferson

    I saw that and thought the same thing as you. Then I took it a step further and pictured some of the music I use from GarageBand for my videos. That would get tedious over the length of a novel.


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