How-to-Kobo [Aussie authors only]

With the new Kobo ereader, Aura, in the news at the moment, I thought it might be a good time to show Aussie authors how to upload to the Kobo.

The process is surprisingly simple, and well explained, except for the section on banking details. The form was obviously designed with US and Canadian authors in mind because it does not work for Australian authors. The reason is that we [Aussies] are required to enter our BSB details, not the SWIFT code. Unfortunately there is no mention of this anywhere on the form. You have to contact Kobo to find this out, usually after hours of frustration.

Rather than confusing you with words, I’ll jump straight into the relevant section with screenshots. [I am assuming most people will have no problem with the process up to this point].

kobo the right way 1


Be very careful to type the location of your bank exactly as it would appear on the Melways. For some stupid reason I have always spelled Box Hill as Boxhill. Wrong.

kobo the right way 2


Prior to mastering the art of Kobo, I thought all international transactions had to include the SWIFT code. Wrong. If you are in Australia, ignore all of this completely [at least for now].

kobo the right way 3


Type the BSB no. of your bank into the box assigned to the SWIFT code/IBAN.

kobo the right way 4


Click the Search button. If all goes well, it should come back with the physical address of your bank. Click and away you go.

And now a small plug for Vokhtah. If you own a Kobo and have not been able to read Vokhtah until now, your prayers have been answered. -rolls eyes-  Okay, that was so over the top I’m hanging my head in shame. Anyway, for those few brave souls, Vokhtah is now available on the Kobo as well. 🙂









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8 responses to “How-to-Kobo [Aussie authors only]

  • metan

    The online world revolves around the US postal codes and other things like that doesn’t it? Frustrating!!
    I noticed that my Amazon avertising emails over the last week were all about getting something to read for the Labour Day weekend and merchandise for the start of the football season…. hmmm… No Labour Day here in September and certainly no real interest in US football! Surely it couldn’t be that hard for these companies to get a different form or advertising written for the different countries? Aaarrggh! 🙂


  • davidprosser

    I was given some advice recently. I haven’t tried it yet but thought I’d pass it on anyway.I had stopped trying for the TIN/EIN codes because they wanted proof of ID and I refused to put my passport in the post or travel to London to present it. But, I’m informed that one phone call solves it all…….

    1-267-941-1099 The option you want is the first No 1. I was placed in a queue for 15 mins and then it took 14 mins to get my EIN ! No passport, no ID, no company, just very easy.

    I hope it works for you.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  • Ch'kara

    thanks so much for this wonderful info, being an Aussie author sometimes these things are a little overwhelming, particularly trying to get a U.S. tax number


    • acflory

      Gods…don’t talk to me about those damn tax numbers. 😦 I had a look at a guide a while ago and couldn’t make head nor tail of it.

      For now I’ll just pay the damn tax until I sell enough to pay for some ‘consultant’ to do the US tax thing for me. It’s a nightmare.


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