How to upload photos for Samsung Galaxy SII, Gingerbread build… I hope.

I’ve been trying to find info for people using the Gingerbread build of Samsung Galaxy SII. Gingerbread is an older build and I’m not sure if the info below applies to it or not, but the post was written a year and a half ago so the timing seems right.

I have copy/pasted the info below directly from the post I found. To check out the entire thread, click on the following link.

[Note: to find out what your particular build is, tap Settings then go to About Phone. There you should find the model, version, build info etc for your phone.]


1. Re: uploading photos

rinthos Jan 7, 2012 8:27 PM (in response to jblast101)

Without knowing type of computer this can be tough, but generally speaking…

(I’m taking the content below from :

saves me thing to note, I think it’s DCIM\100 not just DCIM).

Instructions: Step by Step

As almost ANY Digital camera would be…

the DCIM folder contains your photo’s taken from your phone..

Media folder would be any photo’s you placed yourself…

But Generally DCIM is your Main folder…

This is after you Set your Photo to Mass Storage.

Samsung Galaxy S Exact Instruction to Confirm and explain Below;

Plugging in Samsung Galaxy S:

Step 1. Settings > [Scroll to the Bottom] About Phone > USB Settings > Select “Mass Storage” [This should be the one with Green Dot, if it isnt, Select it] – Once this is done Exit to home screen (Press the back button until back to main screen with background – Not necessary but no point having it on setting screen)

Step 2. Plug in Device to Computer via USB Cable – XP / Vista / 7 works good – Mac Tiger or up Works good too

Step 3. Use the Top Status Bar and pull it down.

Step 4. Select the Status that mentions “USB Connected”

Step 5. A pop up window will show up. Press – MOUNT

Your Device SD is now mounted to PC and is acting as a Mass Storage Removable Disk.

My Computer > Removable Disk X (where X is the next letter available to name a drive)

There you’ll find your DCIM folder Plus other folders.

Drag / Copy / Move – Any files you need

Once Done Follow these Steps:

Removing / Unplugging Samsung Galaxy S:

Step 1a. Close the Removable Disk Folder and Make sure No Files is Transferring and/or make sure no program (including windows) is talking to the Removable drive.

Step 1b. You can Safely remove your Drive from your computer. But this step isn’t necessary.

Step 2. Open your Status Bar on your Phone on the top screen by pulling it down

Step 3. Click on Status bar “Turn off USB Storage”

Step 4. a Pop up will show up. Click “Turn Off” – This will Dismount your removable Drive from your computer.

Step 5. Unplug your USB cable.

You Are Done.


You have another Option. Download Samsung Kies. from Samsung Official Website.

Support for that program is offered by 1-800-SAMSUNG. Although I personally ill advise using that program unless you need to update your phone or back up Device Memory Contacts. That program has known issues and Samsung has taken it off there website numerous times to do “Patch updates” on it to prevent it from crashing.

Hope This Helps.

Finally, if having issues…start over (unplug from computer)..

In the settings go to Wireless and network. Tap to open, go to USB utilities, tap to open. USB mass storage comes up, tap on connect storage to pc. A message comes up, now connect your usb cable to your phone and computer. The little green android guy comes up. Tap the connect USB storage, the circle turns then the little green android turns orange and says USB storage in use. Auto Play will pop up on your PC screen. Click on open folder to view files. Double click DCIM, click on thumbnail. There are your pics, you can now move them to your computer. Good Luck


As you can see, the alternate method is pretty much the one I described in my original post. Hopefully, most people will be able to upload their pics using one method or the other.

Finally, if all else fails, beg, borrow or buy a new USB cable in case the one you have is faulty. 

As always, I’d love to know how you go.



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