I have an evil corporation! Maybe…

Courtesy dragoart.com

Courtesy dragoart.com

If you have been following the saga of my search for a name for my evil corporation, you will know from my last update that an internet search disqualified virtually all of the great names you guys came up with. 😦

Since then, I’ve been mulling over some of your more general suggestions – such as using numbers, or family names etc.

I thought the numbers idea might yield some results, but to be honest I thought any family name I came up with was bound to be taken.

Imagine my surprise when the name ‘Beaumont’ popped into my head just now… and wasn’t taken by any company! There are quite a few places, and people, called Beaumont, and one Beaumont Cocktails Australia Pty Ltd [I kid you not], but that’s it.

Being a belt and bracers kind of woman [smirk], I then googled ‘Beaumont Agriceuticals‘ and again came up blank! -dance-

So a million thanks to those of you who suggested names. You were right and I was wrong. And I’ve never been happier. πŸ™‚

But wait… there’s more.

Inspired by this small, but significant success, I started thinking about the evil product again.

Earlier today I was searching online for a drug or hormone or something that would keep my staffers awake [thank you David]. In the process, I stumbled across a product called Modafinil. Β Apparently this drug is an eugeroic that is marketed under a variety of brand names, including Provigil.

I ended up using the word eugeroic instead of the actual product name, but that search made me realise that most drugs have a sort of generic name, as well as a number of brand names.

Bear with me, I’m getting to the point. πŸ™‚

So, I decided my evil product needed two names as well. For the brand name I’ve decided to go with ‘Bountiful’ coz it sounds so warm and fuzzy [thanks Marian].

For the generic product name I thought of going with :

Complete Synthetic Alimentation 12 [CSA12]

But wouldn’t you know it? It’s taken. So were a number of other variants. -bangs head on keyboard-

After much searching, and swearing, I’ve found something that will work :


If you pronounce the letter ‘h’ as ‘aitch’ it doesn’t sound too bad, and the name does imply a rather chilling backstory. Synthetic Alimentation could be something that Beaumont developed for animals… and then tweaked for humans, with the 1 standing for version 1.

In summary, the evil corporation – Beaumont Agriceuticals, Inc – created a product called hSA1, which they marketed under the brand name of Bountiful.

Yes? No? Maybe?



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