Latest Wildstar video clip

I’ve posted about Wildstar before, but this latest video clip was so good, and so fiendishly clever, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Even non-gamers should appreciate the artistry, and Indie authors might learn something about marketing.

Okay, so admit it, that brought a smile to your face didn’t it? The animation was very good, the storyline was clever, and the whole thing made you want to see what those critters wereΒ really like, didn’t it?

Well, the Wildstar video clip certainly had that effect on me, so much so that…Β I’m doing their marketing for them!

This is how buzz happens. You give people something clever and fun – for free – and hope they like it enough to tell their friends about it. Each such teaser builds momentum, sometimes for years. Then, by the time the game/book/movie is ready to launch, you have a ready made audience drooling to buy it.

Given how much money game developers have to spend creating their product, the money they spend on this kind of promotion is money well spent, imho [in-my-humble-opinion].

Do you have any favourite examples of clever marketing? Something that sticks in your memory, and makes you want to talk about it?

The marketing doesn’t have to be about games. It can be about toothpaste, or a movie, or anything that grabs your interest, and makes you want ‘more’. Please share in comments!



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17 responses to “Latest Wildstar video clip

  • Jon Jefferson

    The game looks good. As a gamer I hope it meets up with the hype they are building into it.

    The old Meow mix commercials were an awesome marketing ploy. That damn song would get stuck in your head for days. Or the McDonald’s “I’m lovin it.” These were good examples of immersion that when you found yourself humming the tunes on the street someone else would chime in with you.


  • Candy Korman

    As a complete non-gamer, I watched this clip because you promised that even non-gamers would be captivated. It’s true. This was a very clever, funny, intriguing video! I sort of wish it was a trailer for a movie.


    • acflory

      -dance- Thank you. These days the line between movies and games is blurred, and I think it will become even more blurred in the future as we demand more interactivity in our escapism.

      If I could create a book trailer with just 10% of the impact of that game trailer I’d be deliriously happy.


  • Chris James

    Thanks for posting that clip – I certainly wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. But you raise extremely important points. I enjoyed that clip because of the charcters, the artistry, etc, but at the end I really had no idea what I was supposed to do next. If you hadn’t said it was for a computer game, I wouldn’t have guessed.
    And there’s the rub. A few days ago I watched the movie trailer for the latest Hollywood “re-boot” (I think it might have been Pacman or another “superhero”), which was full of the most irritating cliches – “The whole world depends on us!!!”, “The future of the human race rests in our hands!!!”.
    Your video was cool because there was none of that, but where does that leave us Indies? When we try to write the product description for one of our books, how can we do enough to entertain and entice readers – like in the video you posted – but without using the same old hoary cliches?
    Thinking about it and trying to write good descriptions makes my ears bleed, you know 😦


    • acflory

      I’m glad you enjoyed it Chris, and the point you made about not knowing what to ‘do’ after the video clip is very telling. You see, although the clip itself has universal appeal, its target audience are almost exclusively gamers, and so they already know what the whole thing is about.

      The purpose of the clip is to keep those gamers happy and intrigued so that when the game finally launches there will be a huge sales spike.

      In a way, that’s probably what we Indies should be trying to achieve as well… but without the production budget and the very clever advertising department.

      I hope your trailer manages to achieve something similar in buzz generation. πŸ™‚


  • EllaDee

    The clip was very catchy. I liked the cool guy with his big glass of red πŸ™‚
    As well as Antz Pantz advt, let me run a few lines from the classics that have become part of the Aussie vernacular:
    “matter a fact I got it now”
    “slip slop slap”
    “I’m dirty, mean and mighty unclean…”
    “Life. Be in it”
    “Happy little Vegemite”
    You’re soaking in it”
    “Get milk”
    “Where the bloody hell are ya?”
    “Throw another prawn on the barbie”
    “C’mon Aussie c’mon”
    “Not happy Jan”
    “Oil ain’t oils”
    “Anyhow, have a Winfield”

    I think the latest and greatest – well questionably, is the Sharknado promo clip… which thanks to Metan sharing it, I didn’t feel like such a loser as I would have because other than for that, I wouldn’t have had a clue.


    • acflory

      lmao – ah fond memories. I can’t believe you know the ‘you’re soaking in it’ one! And let’s not forget those wonderful ‘bugger!’ ads. πŸ˜€

      All I’ll say about Sharknado is… that girl has a talent. And of course I mean Metan. πŸ˜‰


    • metan

      Ooh!ooh! *hand up, waving wildly*
      “Is Don. Is good.”
      “Gee-Oh, Gee-Gee-Oh”

      I had forgotten about many of those ones EllaDee mentioned until I read them here, then I could hear the exact voice saying each of them in my head! πŸ˜€


  • metan

    That was great. πŸ˜€
    Yes, good marketing makes a huge difference doesn’t it, remember those Antz Pantz ads from the eighties? It only needed that one line to stick in our heads forever. “Sic ’em Rex”
    I doubt that anyone of tv viewing age at the time has forgotten that one. πŸ™‚


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