Now this is what I call an intriguing challenge!

Much as I love being nominated for awards, I just don’t have the time or energy to accept them these days… unless they have a really interesting twist. Marian Allen provided an irresistible twist today when she :

liebster 2a. Nominated me for a Liebster Award, and

b. Threw down the gauntlet by saying I/we should answer the following questions in the voice of one of our characters!

These are the questions :

How long have you been blogging?
Why did you choose the topic(s) for your blog?
How do people find your blog?
Do you feel comfortable promoting/advertising your own stuff?
What’s your happiest earliest childhood memory?
If you could have any critter, real or imaginary, as a pet, what would it be?
What would you name it?
Why would a woodchuck chuck wood?
Vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore?
What are you reading (not these questions, silly! what book?)?
What is your superpower?

Now as most of you know, iVokh are very low tech creatures – no phones, no cars, no computers – so I can’t exactly have any of them talking about blogging. Besides, the language barrier would make it painful for them, and us. Likewise, Miira, my very high tech character from Innerscape, is not a blogger either.

But… the idea fired my imagination, so I’m going to add a twist of my own and have Emmi answer the questions… as the world’s oldest gamer!

[Emmi is the main character in my first ever short story. She is rich enough to have the very best gaming equipment, and so old, virtual reality is the only place where she can live a life that is still worth living.] Here goes!


“Good evening, and welcome to Tonight on OR. My guest tonight is Ms Emily Sandhurst, the oldest gamer in the world.”

[The holo expands to include a diminutive woman seated to the right of the presenter. The stylish clothes cannot quite conceal the exo-skeleton that holds the woman upright.]

“Thank you for joining us Emily.”

“Please call me Emmi. I haven’t been called Emily in close to eighty years.”

“Oh course… Emmi. Would you mind telling us how old you are?”

“Fifty years older than I feel, and ten years younger than I look.”

[Giggles sound from the background, and the interviewer smiles appreciatively].

“As you can see, Emmi’s wit is still razor sharp at 110!”

[After the laughter dies down the interviewer becomes serious].

“So tell me Emmi, how long have you been gaming?”

“I played video games when I was a child, of course, but I didn’t return to gaming until about ten years ago when the technology made immersive social interaction a reality.”

“But you’ve chosen to do more than just interact on a social level. Why choose fantasy gaming?”

“Well, it started as a dare. Or perhaps challenge is a better word for it. I wanted to see if my brain was still capable of doing the things my body couldn’t. As things turned out, it became an addiction, When I’m in OR I can be the real me, instead of this geriatric hulk.”

[As Emmi speaks, the holocam pans in for a closeup of her face. Every wrinkle in her sagging skin is shown in cruel detail].

“So how do other gamers react to you?”

“They just accept me as a person.”

“Do they know how old you are? And do you think that would make a difference?”

“I don’t make an issue of talking about my age, but I don’t pretend to be something I’m not either. I’m sure some of my historical references have left many of them scratching their heads. On the whole though, most people in OR don’t care.”

“Speaking of historical references, what would you say is your happiest childhood memory?”

“Mmm… that’s a tough one. I think it would have to be about climbing the fruit trees in our garden and eating warm, sun-ripened apricots.”

“I can only imagine how wonderful that must have been. But I believe you had pets back then as well?”

“Oh yes. Dogs, cats, birds, horses. We had them all.”

“So what kind of animals did you like the best?”

“I still love both cats and dogs, but I’ve always had a secret yen for a fox. They were classified as feral pests back then, but somehow I always saw them as having the best features of both cats and dogs.”

[Slightly puzzled laughter from the audience].

“If you had had a fox, what would you have called it?”

“Vuk. The name comes from an Hungarian children’s animation back in ’81. 1981 that is.”

“You do enjoy strange words and sayings don’t you? Can you explain this one?”

[The closeup of the presenter’s face is replaced by a circle of letters floating in space. As the circle turns you read ‘Why would a woodchuck chuck wood?”]

“Oh! That one. Well that’s a bit like the one about ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ isn’t it?”

[As the holocam pans across the blank faces of the studio audience, the presenter coughs, and shuffles his notes. He is reknowned for using archaic props, but this time the paper in his hands serves as a handy distraction].

“So Emmi. Tell us a bit more about yourself. Are you a vegan or a vegetarian?”

“Actually I’m an omnivore.”


[More paper shuffling can be heard off camera].

“It says here that you love books. I must say I’m rather partial to hearing a good story myself. Are you listening to anything interesting at the moment?”

“I don’t listen to books young man, I read them, and as a matter of fact, I’ve just finished reading an early twenty-first century novel called The Lady of the Lazaretto.”

“Lazaretto? Is that a religious reference?”

“No, Lazaretto is a medical reference, and the story was set on a quarantine planet.”

“Oh! I see. So it was science fiction. Was it any good?”

“Yes, it was excellent.”

[A pale yellow glow begins to swirl around the presenter’s feet, cueing him to wind the interview up].

“So, Emmi, one last question if I may, about your gaming. What would you say is your avatar’s best super-power?”

[There is a long pause as the holocam zooms in on Emmi’s face again].

“She doesn’t take bleep from anyone.”

[Gasps sound from the audience].

“Ah… quite.”

[The theme music swells in the background]

“Well that’s it for another night. Would you please give a round of applause to Emmi Sandhurst, holder of the Guinness Book of Records title, Oldest Gamer in the World!”

[Fade to black]


As you can see I’ve taken huge liberties with both questions and answers, but I had great fun doing it. 😀

And now it’s your turn. Give it a go. It’s a fun writing prompt and a nice way of passing on the Liebster love. Oh and don’t forget to thank Marian Allen for kick-starting the fun!


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I am the kind of person who always has to know why things are the way they are so my interests range from genetics and biology to politics and what makes people tick. For fun I play online mmorpgs, read, listen to a music, dance when I get the chance and landscape my rather large block. Work is writing. When a story I am working on is going well I'm on cloud nine. On bad days I go out and dig big holes... View all posts by acflory

14 responses to “Now this is what I call an intriguing challenge!

  • EllaDee

    Ok, I was hoping for an iVokh POV but I’m more than satisified by getting to know Emmi… a law unto herself, and although I share a couple of aspects of commonality with her, I also have a yen for a fox. At one time we had a visiting fox at TA, who would visit each property in the village for dinner… chickens, or in many cases and ours, leftover food 🙂


    • acflory

      I know when Mogi goes crazy at night it’s either the local feral cat, or a fox. I used to see foxes when I lived in Lower Templestowe but the only one I’ve actually seen here in Warrandyte was dead. For some strange reason it went into my vegie patch to die. 😦 I suspect it had been baited. Just about broke my heart seeing it lying there. They are such intelligent animals. I know they are pests but… I still think they are beautiful.


      • EllaDee

        I would be devastaed to find a dead, and baited fox in the garden 😦
        I wonder how far my affection would stretch if I had chooks. I would never kill one though – chook or fox. The local foxes (you can see them playing some afternoon on the hill across the creek) have pretty much wiped out the village chook population, and then one had the audacity to come around and prevail upon many people’s soft hearts. I have a photo of it on the back step, next to the old dog bowl from which it had been eating. It wouldn’t let us too close, and no would we want that but it was quite unafraid.
        if you haven’t read Franky Furbo by William Wharton or The Little Fur Series by Isobelle Carmody I recommend them as foxy reads 🙂


        • acflory

          I’ve never had chooks and didn’t much like them until another blogger posted some gorgeous video clips of a little chick she saved from one of the adult chooks. That little guy stole my heart so I’d hate to see a chook I ‘knew’ get killed. But…but… when you see footage of fox cubs at play…it’s impossible not to love them. :/


  • Candy Korman

    Good responses. Lots of fun and off-beat! It’s not “cheating” if the net result is fun.


  • marianallen

    Loved it! It was great meeting Emmi — where can I find her story??


    • acflory

      Thanks for that Marian. She’s 2080 in the category Short Stories.:) They’re all small slices of what the future might be like from a mundane, human perspective.


  • lorddavidprosser

    A well deserved award Meeka and I love your answers to the questions YOU decided to pose. Emmi doesn’t take prisoners does she. I’m so glad it was you getting the ‘fun’ of an award this time.
    xxx Hugs xxx


  • anneb54

    Ah Meeks, you have such a devious mind! 🙂


  • laurieboris

    Love this! Hee hee hee…


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