Misinformation about Indie publishing – Updated April 4, 2013

Candy Korman posted a link in comments to a LinkedIn member who had been scammed. Thanks Candy. So then I approached Indies Unlimited in the hope they would do an article about it. Kat Brooks from IU replied with a link to an article they had already run on exactly this company, and this type of scam. I recommend all Indies check it out :



This is not the post I meant to write today, but it is too important to put off. If you are an Indie author, or are simply thinking about becoming an Indie author, this article by Martin Crosbie is a must read.

In the article, Crosbie talks about the misinformation he heard at the BC Writer’s Federation presentation for new Indie authors. This presentation was meant to help Indie authors. Instead, much of it was self-serving, erroneous crap codswallop designed to scam entice Indies to pay for ‘help’ from … Bah! Just read this short extract :

“She [the presenter] talked about improper copyright pages and she spoke about all the things that can’t be done and then she talked about classes she offered on how to avoid all these calamitous circumstances.”

The above so-called expert has self-published one novel, and by her Amazon ranking,  sells about one copy per month!

Being an Indie author is not easy, but twaddle like this makes it even harder.  Please follow the link below to the full article, and if you know anyone who would benefit from this real information, please pass it on.


And if, like me, you sniff a conspiracy here… you’d probably be right!


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