And now for something really, truly different!

Okay, it’s Sunday morning and Le Clown just reminded me that I hadn’t listened to, or watched, any j-rock in ages, so who better to start the day with than Gackt?

The Daughter introduced me to Gackt some time ago and he is definitely… something else. 🙂 In Japan, Gackt is probably the single, most famous rock star there is, and he is not shy.

From my comments you might think that I don’t like Gackt but that’s not true. I quite admire him because, a) he is very cute and b) he actually has a very good voice. I’ve also seen him in a short film [he is branching out into acting] which wasn’t bad at all. So Gackt is more than just a talentless hack who gets by on his good looks.

I chose this video clip because it’s from a live performance and truly illustrates what ‘spectacle’ is all about. I have to say though that in this video clip Gackt gets into ‘character’ just a tad too much. Dark angel? Vampiric dark angel? Shades of Twilight?

And now for something a little less dramatic, but no less over the top! Oh and, is this a Queen song? It’s so familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it. If anyone knows please tell me because it’s driving me nuts!



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