Innerscape: Miira – excerpt 10

This is the last scene of the heavy sci-fi chapter, but it’s no longer gruesome. 😀

* * *

“Miira. Miira wake up!”

The sound of that familiar voice drew Miira from the depths and she opened her eyes to a cascade of colours. She blinked, and blinked again, until the colours slowly resolved into the shape of a face. The head attached to the face was bald and for a moment she did not recognize it, but then the warm, almond shaped eyes and high cheekbones triggered a memory.


Miira was surprised at how hard it was to speak, and how odd her voice sounded, but assumed that she had been sick. Or…

“Wha’ wong?” she asked, an edge of panic in her voice.

“Nothing Miira!” the soft, full lips said with a big smile. “We’re just calibrating your responses. Can you tell me what you see? Take your time, there’s no rush.”

“Ay-…, I ssseeee yuuu.”

A rush of frustration made Miira close her eyes for a moment.

“I… see…you!”

“Good girl,” the lips said and this time the eyes seemed to crinkle in a smile too. “You’re doing so well. So very well! Now tell me, do I look strange to you?”

“Yur baldd,” Miira said.

“Yes I am! Well done. Would you like to see me with hair again?”

“Yess?” Miira replied, her confusion evident.

“Watch carefully.”

As Miira watched, hair began growing from Kenneth Wu’s scalp. It looked just like time lapse photography of grass-…

“Oh!” she said as understanding dawned. “Ish thish in-innashkapp?”

“Almost,” the avatar of Kenneth Wu said with another big smile. “We’re still running tests so you’ll have to be patient a little longer. But the next time you wake up you’ll be in the Presidential suite of the Ritz!”

“Ha! Funi maan,” Miira replied. She thought she might be smiling too but wasn’t quite sure.

“Can you raise your hand for me Miira?”

For one awful moment Miira could feel nothing from the neck down, but then an odd tingling came from somewhere else in her ‘body’ and she concentrated hard on the sensation, willing it to form into something recognizable as a hand.

“Gently! Gently!” Kenneth Wu laughed. “Just let the feeling form.”

…just let it form, he says…

“Ezi fo yu to-…Oh!”

The angry retort died still born as Miira stared at the hand pointing at Kenneth Wu. Her hand, and yet not. The fine bones were hers, but the flesh was soft and plump, and the creamy skin was young. It was the way her hand had looked twenty years before. When she had still been healthy…

“Take my hand Miira.”

Blinking in astonishment, Miira looked away from the wonder of her own fingers and saw that a strong, tanned hand had now joined the head floating in mid air. There was no body connecting the two but she knew it was Kenneth’s hand. Could she reach it? As she pushed her own hand through the intervening space her wrist and part of her forearm came into view. And they were just as young and unlined as her hand!

She was still staring at her own arm in delight when she felt warmth envelope her hand. Pressure followed as the tanned fingers intertwined with her own.

“Look at me Miira.”

As Miira looked up into the attractive face smiling back at her she was astounded by the warmth she saw there. She would have blushed if she had known how.

“Do you realise you have just leap-frogged three whole testing sessions? I am so proud of you.”

Miira was still trying to squeeze her Doctor’s hand when sleep suddenly crept over her like a warm blanket.


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