Momentous days and interesting nights

I am winging it a bit with this post so apologies if it’s a bit disjointed. The big news, for me at least, is that my wonderful editor Laurie Boris has returned my MS and the editing is not going to be as horrific as I thought it would be!

What? You didn’t know I’d sent it off to be edited? Oops, sorry. I try to be open and honest on this blog but I do tend to keep scary things to myself until I can resolve them in some way. And trust me, waiting for the MS to come back has been scary. I was imagining all sorts of horrible things from masses and masses of stupid mistakes to … well, I’m pretty sure every writer out there knows exactly what awful things I was imagining. Anyway, they did not eventuate so now I’m literally chomping at the bit to get stuck into the final edit and polish.

While I’m on the subject of scary things I have to say that the Harper Voyager post was a bit of an exception for me. It was scary alright but it was a kind of scary I just had to write about because I knew I would not be able to resolve it from within the confines of my own head; I was being tugged in too many directions to make sense of the issue. That was why I really needed your perspectives and your affectionate advice to sort the wheat from the chaff. My thanks to all of you by the way for clarifying the question so beautifully. Thanks to your input I can now officially say that  – I will be submitting!

The turning point in the submit/don’t submit debate came when I realised that the only thing I would lose by submitting to Harper Voyager was fear. Fear was at the core of all my vacillating. Fear of being rejected [hah!] Fear of losing my self-confidence [double hah!] and fear of change [because I had devised a plan as an indie and feared to change it in mid-stream].

Now I know I’m not the world’s bravest person but I have always believed that the true measure of courage is not how you feel about something but what you do about it. So what this soul searching all came down to was a very simple question and it had nothing to do with Harper Voyager. I had to ask myself if I had the courage to face this fear. My pride said ‘yes’ and so did my sense of shame; after all what kind of a writer would I be if I could not face down even one, single rejection? So submit I will!

Deciding to submit The Book to Harper Voyager was a big decision to make but having made it I then had to also make some smaller ones to ensure that I could meet the submission deadline. One of those smaller decisions was to not, under any circumstances, play my beloved games during the day. This was important because I knew I had to get back into the professional work ethic I had had while actually writing The Book.

The second of the smaller decisions was actually a little harder to make. At the moment I post three times a week and in-between times I try to catch up with all of you. Until the October 14 deadline comes and goes I’m going to have to reduce my posts to just two a week and I won’t be able to be as sociable as I used to be. 😦 I will keep dropping in and seeing how you are all going but it won’t be as often. Please don’t feel as if I’ve forgotten about you. You are all my friends and I’m not giving any of you up!

Phew! That was hard. Now to the ‘interesting nights’ part of my title. And no, I haven’t found a gorgeous hunk of a man to play with. 😀 My interesting nights revolve around my gaming and the latest game to rise up and bite me is Guild Wars 2. Against my better judgement I went out and bought the game over a week ago and it sat there on my desk, unopened and uninstalled. The idea was that I’d have it there, ready to go as a ‘reward’ for when I felt I’d done my work well…

Yes, that did not go quite to plan, or perhaps the plan was flawed to start with. A couple of days ago I stripped off the plastic wrapper and installed the game. So far I have a love/hate relationship with it but it is addictive – hence the rule about not playing during the day and no more staying up late while I join just one more event. From now on, playing GW2 will be restricted to an hour or so after dinner each night and my precious awake time will be reserved for The Book.

That’s the plan and I intend to stick to this one so… wish me luck!



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