Warrandyte – proposed rezoning lunacy

I have just learned that the state government is proposing to rezone Warrandyte to allow more people to move into this bushfire prone area – without providing any safeguards against the horror that killed 173 men, women and children on Black Saturday.

As a resident of Warrandyte I call this criminal.

Warrandyte is not a nice, safe, inner city suburb where house fires are either accidental or the result of arson. Warrandyte is a fringe suburb that burns. Regularly.  Major burns occurred in :

1851 – February 6 “Black Thursday”
1939 – January 13 “Black Friday”
1962 – January 14–16

Warrandyte also experienced less destructive bushfires in 1965 and 1969. All the old-timers say we are well and truly overdue for another. So what has changed to make Warrandyte a less fire prone area? Nothing. Not a single damned thing. If anything the danger has become more extreme because of the ideological madness of successive governments and local councils doing even less to reduce fuel loads in the area. If you are interested please see previous posts on bushfire preparedness here and here.

To be brutally honest I don’t give a flying fruitbat for the preservation of the Green Wedge in its present form. I am not interested in ideology. I am not interested in preserving anything in a bubble. Change is inevitable and we are not going to preserve our native flora and fauna by trying to turn back the clock to a time before white settlement. Nonetheless on the issue of rezoning I am siding with the conservationists but for very different reasons. I truly believe that increasing population density in Warrandyte is a recipe for disaster… for people.

Whatever your thoughts on conservation I ask that you go to the website below by following this link or by cutting and pasting the url into the address bar of your browser. Once you get there please sign up to make your views heard.


This forum is our only chance to tell the government exactly what we think without having to go through committees or MPs or other representatives. If enough of us raise our voices then maybe, just maybe someone will listen.

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14 responses to “Warrandyte – proposed rezoning lunacy

  • Candy

    One of my closest friends is has a degree in Urban Planning. She works in zoning in one of the wealthiest counties in the entire U.S. She tells me amazing, crazy stories about zoning controversies. You’d be surprised at how many murder mysteries — especially written by Brits — start with a zoning controversy.

    It sounds like a powder keg of a issue is happening for you.I wish you the best.


  • Kate

    As a resident of a “it won’t ever happen again,” but very recently flood-stricken area I agree with you. It’s all pretty much luck in between natural disasters…


    • acflory

      -sigh- We all know that some things can’t be stopped but that’s no excuse not to take reasonable, practical precautions. I don’t know what your polies are like but down here in Victorian I’m getting heartily sick of the lot of them.


  • lorddavidprosser

    It doesn’t seem a sensible policy to put newcomers into an area of danger especially if their coming increases that danger.You have to DEMAND safeguards be created and put in place in order to safeguard everyone.


    • acflory

      We’ve been whining about said safeguards for years. Politicians nods wisely, pat us on the head then go away and nothing actually gets /done/. I’m angry now but I can never sustain my anger long enough to do something crazy – like stand for election myself. -shudder- The trouble is no sane person would ever want to be a politician…


  • metan

    It is the old chicken or the egg, isn’t it? the govt won’t change the infrastructure (roads etc) until there are sufficient residents (read- taxpayers) to finance/utilize it but if they let the zoning change and more people flood into an area like Warrandyte they are just asking for trouble!

    When there are narrow roads lined with trees, few cleared areas and a high fuel load it is a recipe for destruction, not a blank canvas for housing estates. I also think the reason Warrandyte is so lovely (like the Yarra Valley and the Dandenongs) is because it is not packed with people living cheek by jowl. They start letting the housing density change and the reason we all moved here in the first place is lost.

    I often think that our towns need to set aside a day for a fake fire event scenario. A day when one car from every household is encouraged to leave at a particular time, just as if we all recieved a fire warning on the radio. The roads would immediately become congested and that would be without the panic a real fire would engender. It might make people feel differently about their own stay or go policy too.


    • acflory

      You know that is a practical, sensible training event that would make all the difference but instead of doing something like that we just get pretty printed booklets that are next to useless.

      Maybe you and I should stand for parliament coz I have to tell you neither the Libs nor Labour are worth the paper we have to vote on. 😦


      • metan

        Every time I drive through Warburton I think of the horror that the panic of a bushfire would incite and the single, narrow, windy road out. Embankment on one side and drop down to the river on the other. A single accident would mean the deaths of all the people in the following cars 😦

        I’m not sure you want me in parliament, I would be standing for the ‘Obey Me Now’ party and insisting on complete obedience from the masses. 😉
        Lib and Labour are both dreadful, aren’t they, I heard Julia on the radio this morning and she is terrible in too many ways to list 😦


        • acflory

          I think I’ve only been to Warburton once but I can imagine that road quite easily as there are so many of them. And yes, that would be a death trap. We humans are just so good at sticking our heads in the sand. 😦

          I saw Julia on tv last night talking about NOT closing down Hazelwood. I understand the financial imperative but Hazelwood is so bad that you’d think it would be in a category all it’s own. I guess they can’t smell the stink of the La Trobe valley in Canberra.

          Frankly the Obey Me Now party is sounding great right at the moment. Election looming soonish and who do we choose? Libs under the Mad Monk? Labour under Julia? Greens under Christine Milne? All of the choices are terrible but I still feel the Greens are the worst choice. Bob Brown was half way sensible. Milne is like a pit bull – scary.

          I think we need more independants.


        • metan

          I think the problem with Julia (and most of our pollies, really) is that they say what they think we want to hear without any real intention of following through.

          There is good reason to close Hazelwood but the people who rely on the employment and the surrounding towns probably don’t see it the same way. Julia is just trying to keep everyone on side without being honest as to what her intentions really are.

          That is probably the thing I hated the most about Rudd. During that campaign everything Howard offered that seemed popular Rudd quickly countered with a slightly better offer. “I’ll give you this.” “Well, I’ll give you two!!” Nothing new on his own.The problem is that people just hear what they want instead of listening to what the idiots making the offers are really saying. (Generally “Vote me in and I will do whatever I want”)

          The Greens are never going to get my vote, I hate Julia and I’m wondering what the hell Tony would do with power. Perhaps Dick Smith?

          P.S. I always wonder why they don’t try harnessing the tide at Port Phillip Heads etc for power generating purposes. I bet the pollies big houses are using a lot more of that dirty coal power from Hazelwood than we are.


          • acflory

            I agree with most of what you’re saying except about The Pixie. I still believe Rudd had a vision above and beyond what the polls said would be popular but he just wasn’t a good enough /politician/ to make it work. Julia on the other hand strikes me as being the consummate politician. God alone knows what she really thinks or believes and the same for the rest of the munchkins. Abbott is a little hitler in the making and Christine Milne is… Mao tse tung? Someone fanatical at any rate.

            Bob Carr is an unknown quantity but seems ok and yes, Dick Smith just be the best pick.

            To be honest the only politicians I ‘like’ at the moment are Anna Bligh and Malcolm Turnbull and neither has a snow flake’s hope in hell of getting into power.

            Re Hazelwood I agree that just shutting it down would cause hardship but the La Trobe valley is a terrible place already. Perhaps if the government could find a good renewable industry to provide employment and then put training schemes in place to raise the level of education in the area then closing Hazelwood might turn into a blessing in disguise.

            Honestly? I think they should place the administration of the changeover from carbon to renewables in the hands of someone outside politics who is a good, clear thinking organizer and just let him or her get on with the job.:(


          • metan

            “Perhaps if the government could find a good renewable industry to provide employment and then put training schemes in place to raise the level of education in the area then closing Hazelwood might turn into a blessing in disguise.”

            You will never get into politics with an intelligent and balanced opinion like that 😉


          • acflory

            -grin- I too smart to get into politics 😀


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