An achievable dream and a very good cause

Lord David Prosser has been a generous mentor and an all-round good friend to me for some time now so when I read his post this morning I knew exactly what I had to do. This post is about Lord David, his wife Lady Julia and a small, very worthy dream we can bring to life – if all of us work together.

The story begins with Lady Julia – who loves horses and all creatures great and small – and the pancreatic cancer she has been battling for about a year. I’ve never ‘spoken’ to Lady J but I feel as if I know her through Lord David’s books. She is a plucky woman who has continued to follow her dream despite the disease that has been whittling away at her strength.

For Lady J the dream is to keep riding horses for as long as possible but riding with pancreatic cancer requires the kind of support only available at riding schools certified for the disabled. The place where she is riding at the moment is called Pennant Park. I’ll quote Lord David about the problem :

‘We really do need to try and get the arena [at Pennant Park] enclosed and a hoist fitted. Once done they can apply for RDA accreditation and Julia will only have a small distance to travel while she still can, but the place can bring pleasure to untold numbers of disabled people as well.’

Retrofitting Pennant Park will cost 20,000 pounds. That is not a huge sum in the grand scheme of things. It is an achievable dream and one that I support 100%. I hope that some of you will agree that it is a good cause as well.

At the moment Lord David is looking at ways to allow friends and well-wishers to make a donation to the Pennant Park project and as soon as he has that sorted out I’ll write another post with the details of where and how we can make donations.

In the meantime I’m asking you all to spread the word. The most wonderful thing about online communities is that we are less than 6 degrees of separation from everyone else so please, follow this link to Lord David’s blog, read about this gallant fight and do what you can to make Lady Julia’s modest dream come true!

Huge hugs to all of you,


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