Young Frankenstein – Putting on the Ritz

A few days ago Courtney Bluebird and I were swapping nostalgic video clips when she completely floored me with this one – Young Frankenstein – Putting on the Ritz!

For those of you who are not old time musical fans, or were born far too late to know what you are missing, this video clip is a parody of the very famous Fred Astaire version, also called ‘Putting on the Ritz’.

What? You haven’t heard of Fred Astaire either? Oh my god…. Ok, consider this post to be Old Time Musicals 101 then.

First up I give you Fred Astaire, so you have a point of comparison. Please note the smooooooth elegance and sheer style of the man. He makes everything look so effortless and easy.

And now for the Gene Wilder version. You many remember Gene Wilder from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. [And yes, Johnny Depp was great in the role but nothing beats Wilder’s… ambiguity. Is he a good guy or a master villain?].

In Young Frankenstein Wilder plays the role of Dr Frankenstein, a singing and dancing Dr Frankenstein, so what could be more natural than for him to partner with the monster of his creation? [I’m going to buy the whole movie so I can tell you exactly what the story is about but for now you will have to make do with just this teaser].

And now, without further ado I give you Dr Frankenstein and his monster in – Putting on the Ritz!

I know I shouldn’t gush like a giggly school girl but – isn’t the monster simply wonderful?

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I am the kind of person who always has to know why things are the way they are so my interests range from genetics and biology to politics and what makes people tick. For fun I play online mmorpgs, read, listen to a music, dance when I get the chance and landscape my rather large block. Work is writing. When a story I am working on is going well I'm on cloud nine. On bad days I go out and dig big holes... View all posts by acflory

18 responses to “Young Frankenstein – Putting on the Ritz

  • Candy

    Young Frankenstein is my all-time favorite comedy. Last August, I was walking through a neighborhood in Berlin that I didn’t know. I heard music in the distance and saw a crowd and a big marching band in uniforms. They were playing in a plaza with a fountain designed by an artist I’d just learned about in one of the museums, so I wandered over to take a closer look. The next song was ‘Putting on the Ritz.’ The crowd went crazy — and so did I.

  • lorddavidprosser

    Absolute classic ! I’m going to buy platform shoes and learn to tap dance. I just hope I don’t fall in the sink too often.

  • johnlmalone

    wonderful clips. thank you for this. there is a wonderful clip doing thew rounds on You Tube I believe of Fred Astaire and \Ginger Rodgers, among others, dancing to the Bee Gees disco classic ‘Staying Alive’

    and as for ‘Young Frankenstein’ a terrific parody of Mary Shelley’s novel; it stands up well even now

  • rich

    wonderful movie. mel brooks was on johnny carson, and johnny asked him why a black and white movie. mel said, “we couldn’t find crayons.”

    • acflory

      lmao – where has that amazing, biting wit gone to? That man knew about sound bites before they were even invented:)

      • rich

        they knew funny without cursing.

        • acflory

          They did indeed😀 Also very bygone era but… do you by chance know the Goon Show? 1950’s England? Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe?

        • rich

          spike mulligan, yes. peter sellers i.e. pink panther and many wonderful movies. not familiar with harry secombe or goon show. big python fan though.

        • acflory

          Ah hah! The Goons were a radio act and more or less ad-libbed every show. If you ever get a chance to listen to their take on 1984 [ ‘it’s good to be alive in 1985’] I think you’ll fall in love with their manic brand of humour:)

          Love Monty Python😀 ‘No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!’

        • rich

          not the comfy chair!

        • lorddavidprosser

          Don’t forget Michael Bentine who was part of the Goons who also went on to do a children’s show called Potty Time which featured a flea circus and battles. Not one single flea was hurt during the making of……
          The Goons are brilliant and Harry Secombe ( a famous singer too) had the most infectious laugh in the world.

        • acflory

          I beg to disagree! The title of most infectious laugh in the world goes to a friend of my daughter’s. When they were both in primary school this little boy could make us all laugh just by giggling. Harry Secombe does come in at a close second though😉 And apologies to Michael Bentine😀

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